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So it's your big day and your just focused on getting yourself ready and making sure your wedding party is looking great. However, have you stopped to think about your venue? How does it look? When you walk in, are you going to be amazed or disappointed that they didn't get the lighting quite right... I recommend to all brides on their wedding day, to sneak away for just 5 minutes to go and check out the venue before it's time to party... that way you can make minor adjustments to the lighting, flowers, tables etc. before it's too late.
Trust me, you want to be DAZZLED on your big day, not regretting that you didn't' take that extra few minutes to get it right.
Sometimes, wives need their husbands support when shopping. There are several times when women go shopping alone and they need to make some big decisions. At times like that, women are left to make these decisions on their own and they really need their man by their side to help decide.
Many times, women feel that they are doing a great thing only to find out that their husband or spouse become angry. I recommend women inviting their husbands out to shop when they have these important things to do and on the flip side, I recommend husbands agreeing and coming along instead of leaving all of the big decisions to the women and then getting angry later. True, many men despise shopping however in a relationship, there is always give and take.
Eventually, you and your spouse will love shopping together and it's just one more thing that you can do together and enjoy. I mean hey, if we are going to spend the rest of our lives with someone, shouldn't we enjoy doing everyday things with that person?
My favorite thing to do with my husband, besides some of the obvious things, is to make dinner together and I'm not talking about Hamburger Helper, I mean REALLY make dinner.
Since Nick and I have been together, we've shared the same passion for cooking that we do for each other. Nick is a master salad maker and cocktail genius and I am a master at everything else.
Honestly, one of the best things you can do with your spouse is share a meal together and what better to share than a meal that both of you really created with each other. In my opinion, there is nothing more fun, bonding or intimate.
If cooking is not your expertise, I suggest trying it out sometime... if you need inspiration or some direction, you can check out my site that I've created for non-professional chef's who just want to have fun in the kitchen and be sexy. Trust me, your husband will love it and so will your marriage!
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Check out these amazing recipes on my BLOG  
Let me know what you and your husband or fiance think!
Check out this video my husband Nick and I made for Pyrex, we got to the finals as AMERICAS HOTTEST CULINARY COUPLE! Try this recipe, it's amazing and so fun to make as a couple!

Attending bridal shows and events while planning your wedding is probably something that most brides will do. While at those events, brides get a chance to view and sample different vendors in hopes that they will find the "perfect" vendors to have at their wedding.
I remember always seeing the "bridal bouquet preservation" vendor... I always thought, "wow, I will never do that."
Well, after I saw how gorgeous my bridal bouquet was, I quickly called a few bouquet preservers and made my appointment.
Al thought I was certain at that moment that that was what I wanted to do, I can assure you that it's NOT all it's cracked up to be.
First, it took them about 6 months to actually FINISH my bouquet. When I first dropped it off, they told me it would take about 3 months... yeah right.
Next, they encouraged me to select a "frame" or something to display my preserved bouquet in. I started asking about pricing and trust me, it started at 500 and up. There is NO WAY that I was paying that much after I just spent my life savings on my wedding!
Lastly, once I got my bouquet back, it did not look amazing. There was virtually no more color and it was just very dark and dull. My husband said, "that's it????"
Now, while I was waiting for those months to get my bouquet back, I was also drying out a few of my bridal parties bouquets since they were very beautiful. I can honestly say that not only did that cost me NOTHING but they turned out SO MUCH BETTER! I literally hung them upside down for 3 months and they were never better. The colors were kept in tact and they literally stayed perfect.
So, needless to say, when I got my bouquet back, I was less than impressed.
My recommendation, either do it yourself or don't do it at all. Make sure your photographer gets some fabulous shots of your bouquet and call it a day. It's not worth the 300 bucks to get it preserved... trust me.
What I paid for....
What I dried myself... I personally think this one is MUCH better...
I think one of the best things you can do with your spouse, if possible is to take 20 minutes out of your day to have a cup of coffee together. Nick and I try and do this as much as possible and it really helps to break up the day, enjoy some time together and relax for a few minutes.
Even if it's not possible to actually sit down face to face, another idea would be to call each other while sipping some coffee (or tea.) That way, you can still have that chat and time to relax together even if you can't be face to face.
Remember, your going to be spending the rest of your life together so you want to make sure you actually take time out of your busy lives to spend together. Even those 20 minutes, makes a huge difference in the long run. It's always nice to break away and get some quality time with your hubby.
Nick, my husband with our dog and his coffee.
I think one of the best things a couple can do together is cook together.
Nick and I have been cooking together since we've been a couple and it just gets better and better. For us, we both love being in the kitchen and sharing our thoughts and reflections on the day while making a fabulous meal together.
The best way of going about making a meal together without getting frazzled is to assign tasks for each other. Whomever is more of the "expert chef" can be the one mainly in "charge" while the other person can gather ingredients, prep, clean up and pour the wine :-)
One of our favorite dishes to make together are simple crock pot meals... first, they are quick and easy and it takes much less time to prepare if someone is doing it with you. You can read here our fabulous crock pot creations and try some yourself!
Another favorite thing that Nick and I love making together is this manicotti and red pepper sauce dish that you can read about here.
Make sure the wine is always flowing and the music sets the mood. You will be in for a treat each and every night!
Your one year anniversary... it's a monumental thing! You and your spouse have just embarked on your first year of life together as being OFFICIALLY married!!!
The first year is always fun and exciting as well as being challenging. That being said, I just wanted to share what Nick and I did for our anniversary because not only was it romantic and fun, but was inexpensive as well.
Our anniversary was quickly approaching and neither of us really had planned out what we wanted to do, we just knew that we did not want to spend an arm and a leg. I started doing some research and I found these wonderful "wine tours" in Maryland (where we live). I found one that was an hour away, in a beautiful area and we basically got to visit four different vineyards and do wine tastings all day. Nick was a little hesitant because he did not know what to expect, but I had a vision in my mind and I made it happen.
We arrived at the first vineyard and it was breathtaking. There were hills and ponds and vineyards and the actual building itself was awesome. We got to try about 20 different wines and we bought several bottles. Then we had a beautiful picnic on top of the hill that overlooked the whole vineyard! It was so romantic.
I had also learned about another tradition called the "wine box." The bride and groom write a letter to one another about why they fell in love with one another, then they put those in the box along with a bottle of wine and they open it on their fifth year anniversary. I knew Nick would love that idea so I surprised him with that.
We toured around the rest of the vineyards and then had a lovely dinner in the town. We even found a wine festival and got to go on a hayride tour of the vineyard!
 The following day we drove to D.C. since we were not too far away and spent the day at National Harbor. That night, we came home and had a piece of our wedding cake that we had saved in the freezer since our wedding. :-)
Overall, it was the best first year anniversary ever. I could not have planned it better! I highly recommend wine tours and picnics... super romantic.
Our wedding cake, one year later :-)
Nick and I have just celebrated our one year anniversary and things have been great. It seems like just yesterday we were walking down the aisle. That being said, literally a few days after we spent a wonderful anniversary together (which you can read about here), we took separate trips and did not see each other for over a week.
Now, let me clarify these "trips." Nick had a conference he was scheduled to attend and that he had been looking forward to all year. It was a week long and I had no intention or desire to join him. Plus, there were things I had to keep track of on the home front.
I had earned a free ticket to anywhere I wanted to go and so I decided to visit some family in Florida for a week. As it turned out, Nick left a few days before I did so it turned out to be a week and a half that were were away from each other. Honestly, I think that when you are away from someone, you realize more and more how much you love them and how much you maybe take them for granted sometimes.
While we were gone, Nick and I sent each other pictures and texts as well as talking on the phone. It was so wonderful to finally see him again and when we did, it was a beautiful thing.
I don't condone taking separate "vacations" but I think if a couple has to do some traveling apart, it can make it so much sweeter when you see them again. I also think it can be a healthy thing because when your apart, you just realize all the wonderful things about your spouse that maybe you forgot! The key is to keep texting, sending picture texts and chatting to stay in touch. I promise, when you get back in each others arms.... it's an amazing thing.
My view from the car in FLORIDA
The bachelorette party... it's almost inevitable if your getting married. Known as the last "hurrah" for brides-to-be that symbolizes their final days of being "single."
What always boggled my mind was why did most every bachelorette party require using and wearing a specific men's body part... isn't this party supposed to be about WOMEN and having fun, no men allowed? Yet, time after time, this men's body party sneaks it's way into virtually every bachelorette party.
Nonetheless, my bridesmaids did a fabulous job of not allowing this "trend" to sneak into my party. Instead, they really took into consideration what I enjoyed doing and they made it happen.
My favorite thing that they did was create a travel cup (for the evening) with my picture on it! It was very unique and creative and quite a crowd pleaser.
Personally, having something so customized, funny and creative was WAAAAY better than having a _____ strung around my neck. 
Of course, there is nothing wrong with having men's parts all over your party, but I think brides and bridesmaids should really think about the meaning and consider changing it up a bit. Just a thought... :-)
 Should the bridal party be "allowed" to wear their hair and makeup however they choose on YOUR wedding day?
 It's up to the bride of course, however here are some suggestions...
Personally, I think the bridal party should also look and feel good about themselves on your wedding day.

Not everyone looks good with an up-do or with their hair in a french twist.
Not only that, not every bride looks great with bright red lipstick, or pale pink.
If a bride is going for a certain "look" in her wedding and she is afraid that one of her bridesmaids may look "not right" a good suggestion would be to have a make up and hair party. Then, the bride can pick out all of the makeup with either a Mary Kay or Arbonne representative and the girls can then choose what they prefer and what looks good on them based on what the bride has already chosen.
The same applies for hair. The bride can probably entice her hair dresser to come over and do the girls hair, or just play around for a small fee and the bride can give the girls "options" rather than saying, "do whatever you want."
Everyone has a differnt opinion about what "looks good" but if the bride can provide options rather than demands, everyone will be happier and look prettier.
Elizabeth Todorova
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