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18 January, 201118 January, 2011 5 comments Post Comments Planning Planning

I need a little assistance. Our theme is "Picture Perfect" and we have decided to name each table after a place we have been together. We will aslo include a picture of us at the place. Well while I thought we were some seriously travelers I can't even come up with 16 places. UGHHHHHHH!!!

So should I cheat? I mean is HOME a place?? LOL

What we have so far...

1.       Gatlinburg
2.       Stone Mountain (cheating since we live here??)
3.       Memphis
4.       Virginia
5.       Orlando
6.       Cozumel
7.       Nassau
8.       Cocoa Beach
9.       Las Vegas
10.   Destin
11.   Progesso
12.   Botanical Gardens (cheating??)
13.   Atlanta (Ummm cheating?? LOL)
14.   Pigeon Forge ( Kind of the same as Gatlinburg...but we go every year)
15.   ??
16.   ??

HELP!!!!!!!!! :)


12 January, 201112 January, 2011 2 comments Post Comments Planning Planning

YESSSSSSSSs...I made up LTDI! :)



Soooooooooo Do-It-Yourself or Let-Them-Do-It??

I was starting to feel like I didn't have enough DIY projects. I've made an handy list and I'm starting to get excited about trying them out!! I'll keep you all updated as time goes along.

First up on the list is a card box. I found these at an absolutely FELL IN LOVE!!!

DIY vs. LTDI Cardbox :  wedding Cardboxes


What do you think??

DIY or LTDI???


15 October, 201015 October, 2010 Post Comments Planning Planning
I'm not set on really ANYTHING yet. But one must have is lots candles every where!! I just really see TONS of candles and something super romantic. I'm on a mad search for inspiration for centerpieces. Who would have thought this would be so difficult. are some ideas.
What do you think?
13 October, 201013 October, 2010 1 comments Post Comments Planning Planning
Called me obsessed. I do not care!! I feel like this is a MUST!!!!!!!! I'm so in love with monograms!!! I HAVE to have one. I really want to get put onto a rubber stamp that I can use for mulitple projects.

Have any of you tried to DIY? If so, any suggestions of where I should start? Know anyone that could do a monogram and then put on a rubberstamp?

I've heard that power point and photoshop and the first stops. I'm going to try it and see what I can come up with.

ANY ideas or resources are greatly appreciated!!!

In the meantime...what do you think of the one I've posted??

12 October, 201012 October, 2010 1 comments Post Comments Life Life
E and I have been together for 3 1/2 years. We've discussed marriage on several occasions and were even in pre-marital class. So I knew the proposal was coming. WHEN?? I had no clue. But coming?? It better had been. Naw that was very BRIDEZILLA-ish, huh??? LOL

So on September 24, 2010, he told me that we were going to eat with some of his friends that were in town from Memphis for a conference. They were staying at the W hotel downtown. He even said they wanted to discuss opportunities about moving to Atlanta. He also said we had to get dressed up! I'm like WHAT??? NO JEANS!!!!!!! So I was NOT happy!!!

That same day the Groupon for the day was for Spice Market. That's the restaurant at the W and the place we were headed. So I'm like send this to your friend, since he got us out here GETTING DRESSED UP! HMMPH! I mean I was sooooooooo stank y'all! :( SMH lol

We get there and he asked for reservations under his FAKE friend's name, Rob Brown! lol We sit in the lounge and wait for them. He ordered some Riesling for us. AGAIN...stank attitude. I'm like so you just going to order for me??? What if I wanted something else?? PLUS he told me to sit across from him and NOT next to him!! By now the attitude is RISING!! The waitress comes out with the wine and another lady is behind her with the ring on the tray. She puts it on the table and I'm in SHOCK!!!

I can't remember exactly what he said but I know it was beautiful! He had told me that his friend Rob's wife's name was Destiny. So he said his friend wasn't here but that destiny was here with us. Then he asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! Actually I said OF COURSE. He told me the next day that I never said YES! SOOOOO I said YES...AGAIN! :) SMH lol

Then we go to get ready to sit down and I'm like is that my MOMMA!!! So of course everyone yelled SURPRISE!! LOL!! And then all I saw were my friends with their cameras! HAHAHA!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! :)

The best day EVER!!!!!!!



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