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Evening Brides and Grooms! 

So much has been going on in the world of Blushing Bride with Bridal conventions and weddings galore!  I'm positive that if Blushing Brides world is busy that your wedding planning is buzzing along with great progress. Many engaged couples often don't realize that there is tremendous value in taking a few hours to visit a bridal convention. Every city has them most several times throughout the year. Bridal conventions are a great resource to help you along with your wedding planning you can get so many fantastic ideas and even make contacts with some great people to help you along your way. 

Bridal conventions offer a variety of options everything from teeth whitening yes I know but they really have teeth whitening. There's also an array of vendors to choose from that offer a different services everything from catering, registering for china patterns, wedding dresses, photography, floral arrangements and so much more. Bridal conventions place so much at your fingertips that really make your wedding planning a little easier. 

So grab your bride or groom to be and anyone else in your wedding party you want to take with you and find a local bridal convention take a few hours and check out all of the amazing things that are being offered in your area. This really is a great way to help you get ideas or even make those last minute decisions you are still unsure of. 

Until next time Smile and remember everyone loves a Blushing Bride.  
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Buenos Dias Brides and Grooms! 

Its been a while since my last post I hope that everyone had a safe Happy Holiday and New Year. Over the holiday I went dress hunting with a friend that is getting married. Which brought up a few things that I wanted to talk about when it comes to hunting for the Perfect Dress. Searching for the right dress is often exciting and trying at the same time. The thrill of hunting for the perfect dress is often outweighed by the need to make a decision. Yes I know you laughing saying well of course a decision must be made but there are so many questions that must be answered first What color? Do I want embellishments? What Style... Well here are a few quick tips to help you narrow down your choices or at least to make it a smidge easier to choose. 

1. Try on an array of dresses at least 10 to 15 I know it seems like a ton of dresses but I guarantee there will be one dress specifically that you try on that will be calling your name over and over. The important thing about trying many dresses in different styles and colors on is that it allows you to see yourself in an array and make the best choice based on that. 

2. Have an idea of what your looking for when you go to your appointment this will help to narrow your search down a bit. Also have a color scheme in mind that your looking for because you can often knock out two things on the list your dress and your Brides maids at the same time. 

3. Make the choice yourself! This is the most important decision you will make regarding your wedding. I know you will take Mom, Sisters best friends and anyone else who would like to come but at the end of the day your decision is what matters most their opinions are nice to have and always welcome but make sure your choosing your dress for you and not everyone else. No regrets on the big day!!

4. Shop around there are many different places to shop for Wedding gowns so make sure that you check them all out you would be surprised at the different styles that vary from store to store and more often than not you can find a better deal by shopping around looking at many different local shops as well as the large chains. 

Dress shopping can be stressful so remember to take your time and make several appointments try on many different styles and colors to help you make your decision. Once you have your dress everything else will fall into place and before you know it the big day will be here! 

Until next time Smile and remember everyone loves a Blushing Bride! 
Buenos Dias Brides and Grooms!
Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great Holiday last week. Which brings me to the topic of today's discussion Theme's!! I LOVE themes and choosing the right one for you and your partner is imparative. Themes come in many different forms from floral to beach even specialty themes. So how do you choose what is right for you? Well that is the magical question. There are several things you must consider when choosing the theme for your wedding I have listed a few of them below to make it somewhat less stressful when choosing your theme.
Before sitting down with your partner to discuss what theme will work for your celebration here are a few steps to make it just a little easier.
* Make a list of themes
* Have a few ideas for each theme (flowers, decorations, invitations, etc..)
* Put together a sample budget for each theme
* Sometimes its helpful to have pictures from magazines etc.. something visual to use as an example

When choosing the theme for your wedding it is one of the first tasks a bride and groom will complete and can often take the longest to decide on. When your on a tight timeline and trying to be efficient time might not be a luxury you can afford. Follow these few steps (which do require some preperation) but in the long run will save you a ton of time and put you one step closer to your dream wedding!
Happy Theme Hunting!!
Until next time Smile and remember everyone loves a Blushing Bride!
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Buenos Dias Brides and Grooms!
Hope you are enjoying your Beautiful Sunday Morning! I know your reading the title Beauty and the Beast and thinking really what is that about. Well in reality I let my husband title the post this week and he honestly has a point. Flowers are the pivotal point in a wedding they add so much elegance and beauty to a wedding but finding the right type of arrangement and cost are quite often the beast. Today were going to take a look at silk and natural flowers where to find them and how to not break your budget.
The beauty and fragrance of natural flowers are always stunning and amazing to see at any event but a wedding with amazing floral arrangements is both breath taking and magical. I know your asking your self how do I get the magical elegance of natural flowers without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to remember when looking for the Perfect Florist for your wedding. 1)Have several different flowers in mind some couples choose more than one type of flower like Roses and Hydrangea's and others choose a single flower like Calla Lilies. 2) Have an amount in mind on what your looking to spend on flowers. Affordability really depends on the arrangement you choose however its important to shop around different local florists to find the one that meets your needs.
Many couples choose Silk flowers for a number of different reasons one is durability because they will last a lifetime the other is budget they are reasonably priced and are a great way to get the flowers you want affordably. Now if your like me when you heard silk flowers you were thinking really those don't look real. Well your thinking of the silk flowers from back in the day when we were kids and your grandmother had some on the coffee table that were plastic and looked well plastic. Great news modern technology is amazing and there are many places to get silk flowers that are just as amazing as natural flowers. Here are a few tips to finding the silk flowers of your dreams. 1) You can visit any of your local crafting stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michael's and if your crafty you can choose to put the arrangements together yourself or they can put them together for you. 2) The Internet is a magical thing it makes planning your wedding so easy with websites such as Wedspace at your fingertips! One of the floral websites that I use frequently for silk flowers is they have an amazing selection and bouquets are already put together for you and they are incredibly affordable. One note when your ordering on line from any vendor (silk bouquets) buy a few extra because sometimes they run small and you can put several together to make them bigger. Also don't be afraid to get creative dress them up with some ribbon make it your own.
No matter which way you go whether it be natural flowers or silk just remember to decide on the Perfect Floral Arrangements for you and your partner.
Until next time remember to Smile everyone loves a Blushing Bride!
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Buenos Dias Brides and Groom's! Hope you are enjoying your Amazing Friday Morning! 

Today I wanted to talk a little about Wedding Favors. Many Brides and Grooms stress over whether they should or should not give their guests a little token of their appreciation for celebrating their big day with them. Well I am here to tell you there is no right or wrong answer. You really must decide two key things 1) do you want to have wedding favors and 2) budget. I know couples around the world just cringed when I said the B word Budget that is every Bride and Groom to be stresses over the B word but I am here to help show you how to come up with some really cute Wedding Favors that won't break the budget and will be memorable for your guests. 

The first thing to determine is your theme many couples choose to theme their wedding and if you have a theme you may want to choose a wedding favor that coincides with your theme. For example if the theme of my wedding is Floral or Garden then I may decide to choose a small floral basket filled with mints or candies. It really does depend on what works best for you. There are many great places to find wedding favors that are quite elegant and affordable you can achieve this one of two ways visiting local wedding boutiques and crafting stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels or you can utilize the Internet which is at your fingertips. 

When visiting your local wedding boutiques or even crafting stores it is important to already have something in mind this will help you to narrow down what your looking for and make your search easier. If you choose to utilize a crafting store be sure to utilize your maid of honor and brides maids friends etc.. because some assembly will more than likely be required which is not a bad thing because it brings everyone closer together and helps them to feel like they are contributing to the success of your big day.  

When deciding to go online to search for things it gets a little scary because there are so many to choose from so I will give you two sites that will give you a variety of different options to choose from and will help to narrow your search. 1) I absolutely love Wedspace because it really is all inclusive. From your homepage you simply navigate to the right hand side of the page where there is a superstore that has everything you could ever imagine from bubbles and candles to personalized water bottles and bottle stoppers. Wedspace truly caters to all tastes and there are many unique favors you would never think of at an amazingly affordable price. 2) is my second choice I have utilized this site in the past and have not been disappointed it gives great options that cater to the unique side of things such as origami candy boxes, miniature wedding dress candles even right down to your key chains much like the Superstore on wedspace its all at a price that won't break your budget. 

The important thing is to have fun and come up with an idea that suites you and your significant other. These are just tips to help you narrow down your search. Happy Hunting! 

Until next time Smile and remember everyone loves a Blushing Bride!      
Buenos Dias Brides and Groom's! Hope you had a FABULOUS weekend I know I did! So our last chat we spoke about Wedding Planners this time I want to take a look at the "Perfect Place" for your Reception. Now whether your having your Wedding in a Church on the beach or even in your own backyard there is always a Perfect Place for you. The burning question for every Bride and Groom is "Where is my perfect place?" Well I have fantastic news I'm going to give you a few helpful tips to locating your perfect place that fulfills two requirements 1) its perfect and 2) its affordable. Now because not every budget is created equal the perfect place may take some looking. I'm going to break down a list of top 5 places to have your reception some you may have considered and some you may not have these are just to give you an idea something to consider. Remember places will vary depending on the city you live in.  
Blushing Brides Top 5 "Perfect Place Ideas"
A) Backyard Reception: If you have the space holding your reception in your own private backyard is a great way to have a very intimate private gathering with your guests. Because its your own home it will be very warm and inviting and will make your guests feel relaxed and allow them to feel close and connected with the Bride and Groom. Now don't pre-judge or cringe just because its your own backyard doesn't mean it cannot be decorated to be the perfect fit for you. I have been to many receptions that have been held in my friends own homes and the decor for the reception was so elegant you would not even recognize the place.   
B) Church Reception: If your having a church wedding you can always consider having the reception there at the church as well. Many churches have their own reception or gathering hall located on the premises that they will rent or even loan to you for your reception. Now this is a great option because often times there is little or no travel involved after the wedding you can just walk right over to the reception hall and get your party started!
C) Hotel/Resort Reception: There are many Brides and Groom's that hold their receptions at a Hotel or Resort each year. Many Bride's and Groom's on a strict budget often write this off as not being an option due to affordability. Honestly you would be surprised there are plenty of Hotels or Resorts that are quite affordable and honestly you can work out a deal with them based on what your looking for. Hotels/Resorts often have packages put together for you to choose from but there is no harm in telling them what your looking for and then asking them what the rate for that package would be. You would be surprised at the answer you get...all you have to do is ask. Also another note the Hotel/Resort doesn't have to be a major chain the smaller chains are often quite affordable for example The Crowne Plaza it just depends on what is in your area.
D) Country Club/Golf Club: A country club or even Golf Club/Resort consist of some of the most beautiful spaces to hold your reception and as an added bonus the grounds are usually lush and amazing for pictures as well. Try looking around in your area and call for a tour you would be surprised at both the rates as well as the picturesque view you will have for your reception. It is also great because there will be plenty of area for your guests to mingle and the children to play.
E) Community Centers: Bride's and Groom's often skip over Community Centers as an option for their reception. When you think of Community Center Boys and Girls Club or YMCA come to mind. But most cities have a designated Community Center that they use for their Town Functions. Community Centers can be a great way to save money and are often a serene historic type setting for your wedding reception. The only note on the community center is if your serving alcohol you may be required to get a one time permit to serve alcohol for your reception but the Center will let you know up front if you need too. Don't let that scare you off they are fairly easy to get and the Community Center is a great way to go.
These are just a few options ask around check with people you know that have gotten married that is a great way to find some unique amazing locations. Think outside of the box be creative for example Libraries, Museums or even Parks you wouldn't think of it but some of them have large spaces that will hold many people and these are great ways to be creative. The point is to find the Perfect Place for you each Bride and Groom are different. But remember no stressing this should be FUN!! This is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life!
Until next time Smile and remember everyone loves a Blushing Bride!
This has been the age old question for centuries should I or should I not have a wedding planner. Great question right, well I have great news for you there is no right or wrong answer. You must chose the option that works best for you and your budget. There are plenty of wedding planners that you can find that vary in prices and will plan your wedding with your assistance and take much of the stress off of your plate. Now if you would rather plan your own wedding (I did) then there is much to do but try not to stress that's why I am here! There are plenty of tools at a Bride or Groom's disposal to assist with your wedding planning one of them being WedSpace the amazing site your currently on. WedSpace is a valuable tool to utilize once your in and have created your profile then start by outlining your budget in order to be able to successfully plan your wedding you should know how much you have allotted for it. These self serve options will make it so much easier for you to plan your dream wedding and keep it affordable.
Stay tuned for my next posted we will be talking about receptions and how to choose your perfect place. Until next time don't forget to smile everyone loves a blushing bride!


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