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 There are so many elements that go into making a destination wedding perfect.  Here are
10 of the most important ways to make sure you have the destination wedding of your dreams. 
 1. Go On a “Try before you buy” Mission

happy couple checking out a destination wedding If you can afford it, travel to the area and resort you are considering for your destination wedding. 
It is good to see the exact location and area in person.  You can check
out the resort to make sure it will meet all of your guests and your
needs and wants for your wedding.  You can try out the food, check out
the service, meet with the wedding coordinator, and possibly view another wedding going on.  Once you are there, you may find a different
resort you like better.  You can always get a day pass, around
$150dollars, to other resorts and check those out as well.   You may
like or not like the local area the resort is in for activities and
excursions you want available for your guests to experience. I always
recommend using a destination wedding designer in your planning, because
they can guide you to a destination and resort that would be perfect
for you, arrange the travel, and set the appointment with the wedding
coordinator so that you can meet with her, and scope out the venues.  

2. Think About Doing a Symbolic Ceremony:

There are a lot of legal requirements when you get married in another
country.  Usually there is a short window that you have to legally be in
the country you are going to get married in.  The average is two to
three business days, plus all the paper work.   You can avoid all the
paper work, by getting married at by a JOP, and then all you need to do
is bring your marriage license with you to the resort, and you can get
married with a “symbolic ceremony”  it really still feels like the same
thing!  I recommend using a destination wedding designer to help you
figure out what the legalities are to get married in the countries you
are considering.  When it comes to anniversaries, you can either pick
your legal date, or symbolic date, or some couples celebrate both. 
Usually they will celebrate small and private for one date, and do
something larger for the other anniversary date.  Hey, I am always
looking for a reason to celebrate!

3.Carry On Your Dress: 

packing your wedding dress for a destination weddingNever,
never, allow your dress to be put in checked baggage.  There are too
many things that could go wrong, and have gone wrong when a wedding
dress has been put with the checked bags.  Your dress should be in a
protected garment bag, and may need to be folded.  Some airlines will
allow you to hang your dress in first class.  If you ask you flight
attendant, most are very understanding about your needs, especially if
you are getting married. 


4. Have All Your Attendees Stay at the Same Resort: 

friends at a destination weddingIf
at all possible, try to get everyone to book at the same resort.  This
will simplify your life so much!  When everyone  is all in the same
locale, it is just easier to do your group activities,  enjoy all of
your time with family and friends, as well as cut down extra costs for
your guests that may be staying elsewhere.  Usually, any of your guests
that want to be at your resort, but are not staying there will have to
pay a day pass fee, plus transportation costs to come to your resort
every day.    A good destination wedding designer
can get you a great group rate, and help you find a resort that will be
great for all of you, and work within everyone’s budget.

5.  Be Considerate of your wedding party

be understanding of your bridal party at your destination weddingRemember
that your wedding party has paid a good amount of money to be there for
your special day.  Some wedding packages include hair and makeup for
you but for your bridal party, there is an extra charge. Make sure you
pick a very affordable package, or better yet, just pay for them to get
their hair and makeup done for the wedding.

6.  Let Your Hair Down

relaxed bride at her destination weddingWith a destination wedding,
there is supposed to be a more care free, and natural atmosphere to
your wedding day.   It definitely is more relaxing to hang out on the
beach with an endless supply of drinks and food at your beck and call,
while getting ready for your wedding.  Don’t worry so much about your
hair or make up being perfect.   After all, you are in a location that
usually involves gentle breezes, water, and warm weather. 


7.  Keep an Open Mind For a Wedding Photographer:

wedding photographer at a destination weddingMany
times the resort will have their own wedding photographer that they
will recommend for your wedding photos.  Like all lines of work, there
are good and bad photographers.   Ask to see some samples of the
photographer the resort is recommending.   You may need to have your
family and friends take some extra pictures of your wedding day, just in
case.  If you must have a photographer you trust completely, you may
need to bring one with you.  I have had clients fly their photographer
and videographer down with them, so that they will have perfect pictures
and video.   In general, I have seen great photos from my clients who
used the resort photographer, and I have seen great photos from
photographers that have been brought in.   

8. Give Your Attendees Reason to Explore

riviera Maya excursionsWhen
people are traveling all that way, they should get out and do a fun
excursion in the area and do some site seeing.  There are certain
countries and areas where you want to be a part of an organized tour
group, because they are licensed, insured, and offer the most safe and
usually fun experience.  If you organize an activity to do together, you
should either pay for your group, or help pay for it.  You can send
your guest’s website links for things to do in the area, to help get
them excited for their getaway. 

9.  Lighten Your Load:

stress free destination weddingThere
is great satisfaction in being able to plan and pull off your own
destination wedding, but is it worth all of the organization, phone
calls, websites, and amount s of time and stress on your end?  I don’t 
know about you, but I don’t go to a friend to get my teeth cleaned, (my
dentist is very nice), I don’t ask the Sephora  make -up specialist to
help me with the brakes on my car, (she could make them look prettier,
but probably not going to stop the car any better).  There are so many
great destination wedding designers out there that can help you design
and pick a great wedding package, perfect resort, and arrange an
incredible group rate, along with travel arrangements for you, for not
much more money than it would cost you to do on your own.  

10.  Go With The Flow:

bride at destination weddingAs
I mentioned before, a destination wedding has a more care free
atmosphere to it!   Hopefully all of the planning and attention to
detail will make your special day go on without a hitch.  Every so
often, as with any wedding, there can be things that don’t always go as
planned;   maybe the floral arrangement looks a little different than
you thought, the wedding cake is not the right one you picked, or the
minister mispronounces you names.   Even if it were to rain, (there is
always a plan B for that by the way), try to go with it and have fun. 
Everyone will be watching you and how you react to everything.  If you
decide to laugh and shrug it off, when things don’t go as planned,
everyone else will do the same, and you will have a fun and relaxing
time, no matter what.  


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Many of you are looking for the perfect all inclusive honeymoon package
to begin the celebration of your marriage between just the two of you.
Relaxing in an unforgettable location and making memories that will last
for a life time. Well that is just what an all inclusive honeymoon
should be, and I have picked out some of my personal favorite all inclusive honeymoon packages to give you some help while you are doing your research. These resorts are not in any set order. All of these resorts will give a honeymoon
couple a great experience, it just depends on finding the right fit for

Sandals All Inclusive Resorts:

all inclusive honeymoon packages at Sandals Resorts

Sandals adult-only, luxury included concept includes some of the best
beaches in the Caribbean, large expansive pools, premium drinks,
amazing food, and some incredible water sports and entertainment.  Many
of the resorts have new modern “villages” with chic and cosmopolitan
styled rooms. Every Sandals all-inclusive resort has a unique feel and
theme.  One thing is for  sure, Sandals knows how to do an all inclusive honeymoon package right!  Read More About Sandals

Secrets All Inclusive Resorts:

all inclusive honeymoon packages at Secrets resorts


Secrets adult-only upscale resorts focus on quality and service.  The
food and drinks at Secrets are second to none, while also offering 24hr
room and concierge service. The suites and rooms at Secrets are all
modern and full of romantic luxury.  You will find chic and romantic
rooms, gardens, pools and restaurants all set on beautiful white sand
beaches. Secrets will make your all inclusive honeymoon a trip of a
lifetime.  Read More About Secrets

  all inclusive honeymoon packages at Couples Resorts
Only in Jamaica, Couples was the first hotel chain to offer the
all-inclusive resort concept.   Couples Adult-only all-inclusive resorts
are centered on relaxation, romance, and intimacy for you and your
spouse.  At Couples, you will not find loud energetic parties or a lot
of commotion.  Couples wants you to relax and be pampered while enjoying
some of the most romantic beaches in Jamaica.  Couples resorts offer
authentic Caribbean appeal with simple yet elegant decor, and the most
inclusions of any all-inclusive resort in the world, with access to a
lot of free excursions that normally would cost extra at other resort
companies, because they want to encourage their guests to see and
experience all that Jamaica has to offer. The luxury and atmosphere at
Couples makes this all inclusive resort brand the perfect place for a
honeymoon.   Read More About Couples

Excellence all-inclusive resorts

Located in the Riviera Maya area and the Dominican Republic, get ready for a world of all inclusive honeymoon package luxury.
Excellence Resorts surrounds you with the lush romance of the tropics
and impeccable personal service.  Excellence is the true definition of a
romantic getaway for two, all wrapped in 5 star luxury, personal
attention, and unparalleled comfort.  To read More on Excellence

all inclusive honeymoon packages at Zoetry

Zoetry Resorts are the epitome of serenity and wellness. Imagine how
you feel when you walk into a nice Spa: the wonderful relaxing aroma, a
water fountain trickling and soft music….everything you need to bring
you to a place of total relaxation. This is Zoetry! Small and intimate
resorts meant for two people to reconnect and be pampered. It is all
about you and each day is your own. Zoetry offers endless privileges to
create a unique luxury and wellness experience for those who desire a
haven of respite. This is the perfect resort for couples looking to
escape everyday life and feel like you are in your own private retreat.
Read More About Zoetry

all inclusive honeymoon packages at Eldorado Resorts and Spa


These resorts best reflect the culture of the Riviera Maya with
thatched roof villas, cultural entertainment and unique activities like
salsa lessons and Spanish lessons. El Dorado resorts focus on creating a
culinary experience with international cuisine and star chefs.
Definitely splurge on a bottle of wine from the wine cellar and have the
sommelier pick it out to pair with your dinner. The perfect blend of
relaxation, romance and fun, these resorts offer exceptional service,
luxury and value for your all inclusive honeymoon package.
To Read More About Edorado, Click Here

The Royal all inclusive honeymoon packages

Located in Cancun and Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya of Mexico,
these resorts offer premium quality, luxury, and "location, location,
location".  Both are located in wonderful areas for shopping and
nightlife, as well as being on phenomenal beaches.  

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a destination wedding can be a great optionYou
got the surprise of a lifetime!  Your boyfriend asked you to marry him,
and you said yes!  Now that the initial excitement has calmed down a
bit, everyone you know has been asking you. "So when is the wedding?",
"where are you getting married?" and many more questions that you may
not be able to answer yet.  You may not even know what kind of wedding
you want yet.  Maybe the idea of getting married on a white sand beach
with your closest friends and family, has crossed your mind.  If you
have been tossing around the idea of a destination wedding, here are
some things to think about to help you make your decision.


Guest List:

destination wedding partyWith a destination wedding,
not all of your family and friends will be able to make the wedding. 
If you are the type of person who will be very upset if everyone can't
come to your wedding, then a destination wedding may not be a good idea
for you.  Usually, your closest family and friends will be able to make
it, but if they are not in good health, don't travel well, or are really
strapped for money, then a wedding away may prove challenging for them
to attend.  Many destination wedding couples have a small separate
reception back in the States, for their family and friends that could
not make it to the wedding.  This is a great way to show off your photos
and video, which will allow them to feel like they were a part of the
wedding day afterall. Often times a bride and groom find that the
majority of their friends and family are already scattered around the
globe and they will have travel to come to their wedding anyway, so why
not make it more of a vacation experience for everyone?!


destination wedding settingThe location
for your wedding is also another consideration.  Most people want to be
married in a romantic and beautiful setting, even if it is at a church,
or your own back yard.  Nothing else can compete with a destination wedding for
a beautiful and romantic locale.  If location is a very important
wedding detail to you, then a destination wedding is a good choice for
you. If your wedding location is not necessarily something that is on
the top of your list, then a traditional wedding may also be fine for


Communication and Planning:

destination wedding planningSometimes
with a destination wedding, the communication between the resort or the
vendors is delayed.  These resorts are busy putting on destination
weddings for many brides several times a day.  The photographer, or
wedding coordinator may not be able to respond to you right away.  If
you are someone that needs an immediate response from a vendor, then the
planning of a destination wedding could frustrate you.  I work with
these resorts and vendors all of the time, and there can be time delays
during the planning process.  In the end, it all comes together the way
it is suppossed to, and if you are ok with a delay here or there as long
as it all gets done, then planning a destination wedding would be fine
for you. 


Wedding Day Details:

destination wedding cakeDestination Weddings
are beautiful, romantic, and picturesque, but because of the warm
climates, and some of the set resort packages, your flowers may droop a
little bit before the ceremony, the cake may begin to melt. This doesn't
always happen, but it could.  If details like these would make you
upset or bring you to tears, then a destination wedding is probably not
for you.  If you know that there may be some details that don't quite
come out as planned, and it won't make you have a break down, then a destination wedding is a good fit for you.



a destination wedding takes a lot of organizationIt
takes a lot of organization to pull together a destination wedding.  Of
course, it takes a fair amount of organization to plan any wedding.
With a destination wedding you are coordinating travel, trying to get a
group rates, sending out save the date cards, as well as many more
decisions that will have to be made to make a destination wedding a
reality.  If you are not a very organized person, it doesn't matter!
 There are many, many great destination wedding designers, such as
myself, that can help you with all of these details.  Hey, I know you
wouldn't go to a friend if you needed a tooth pulled, (I hope),  you
would go to a dentist.  If you need your car fixed, you probably won't
go to a Vet to fix it. (Maybe your vet is good at fixing cars,  mine
isn't).  Save yourself time and stress, and hire a destination wedding
designer.  They will handle the organization for you, so that you can
relax and focus on other things.   

So, the best personality for a destination wedding is...........

destination wedding coupleDestination
weddings are a great way to experience more than just a wedding day.
They are an opportunity for brides and grooms to share a longer
celebration with those in their lives who they care about the most.
Reasons for doing a destination wedding vary by each couple; sometimes
it just makes sense because all your guests are geographically
scattered, sometimes it is more economical, other times it is because
you actually want to be more selective in who you invite and other
reasons are because it tends to be a more stress-free wedding planning
experience.  Whatever your reason, one thing I can say for certain is
this: a destination wedding is best for someone who is flexible and has
the ability to "roll with the punches."

Need Some Help With Your Planning?

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William and Kate’s Royal Honeymoon: The latest royal rumors

by Tami Santini

What Location did they pick?

The Royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William is almost here, which means that the Royal Honeymoon will soon follow.  But the Million dollar question is:  Which exotic location has William and Kate decided on for their Royal Honeymoon? The Royal couple are keeping it a secret and have asked all of their staff and closest family to keep the secret until they board the plane.  As a travel agent, I know that there are many romantic and beautiful locations around the world that they could choose from, but I am going to give you my list of the locations that I think are fit for a King.

 Mustique, Caribbean Sea in the West Indies:

This private Island in the Caribbean has beautiful blue water and powder white beaches that would make any couple melt into relaxation.   Mustique is home to fabulous villas, where European royalty and famous pop stars frequently go.   It has also been reported to be a favorite of Kate’s family.  The Royal Family loves this Caribbean island and Princess Margaret was given a piece of land as a wedding present back in 1960.   There is also a report that the staff from a luxury getaway on the Island has been invited to the Royal Wedding.   Mustique has to be considered a top three choice for the Royal Couple

Desroches Island, Indian Ocean, Seychelles

This private three-mile long Island in the Indian Ocean provides beautiful turquoise waters and powder white beaches.     Located in the Seychelles Islands, this little slice of Paradise attracts visitors from all over the world.  Coconut groves shade the Island from the sun and there is an incredible coral reef near the island which makes scuba diving and snorkeling out of this world.  Desroches Island has beautiful tropical gardens and unspoiled nature that make this location fit for a king! 

It has been reported that Kate and William have some great memories of Desroches Island, as they vacationed here back in 2007.  While here, the royal couple made a promise to each other to get married.   Some sources are saying that staff, from the Des Roches Island Resort is working feverously to get everything perfect for the Royal Honeymoon.    As much as I love the West Indies, I could totally see William and Kate choosing this location for their honeymoon after the royal wedding.

Barbuda:   West Indies, North-East Caribbean

This neighbor to Antigua is a virtual natural paradise.   Barbuda makes up a three island state with Antigua and Redonda in the north-eastern Caribbean.  Barbuda is an island that is virtually un touched by tourism.  It has spectacular mile long beaches that are all natural, and include a sprinkling of pink sand.  Barbuda has the best of both worlds, because it has its wild untouched beaches on the dark blue Atlantic side, and it’s more tranquil beaches along the turquoise Caribbean Sea.  There is always an opportunity to see sea turtles and colorful tropical fish.   It is the perfect place to relax and unwind in a semi private setting.

One rumor favors the majestic Barbuda, because it was a favorite hideaway of Princess Diana.  In fact, one of the beaches in Barbuda has been re-named after Princess Diana.  To me, Barbuda makes a lot of sense for the Royal Honeymoon, because it is very private and non-touristy.  William has great memories of going there with his mother, Princess Diana on vacations many times when he was a child.


Although it is not a tropical paradise, Kenya is the place that William proposed to Kate.   The couple stayed at the 65,000-acre Lewa Safari Camp in Kenya.  It may sound primitive, but don’t worry about guests who stay there.  The “camping accommodations” have thatched roofs, verandas and very nice bathrooms that surround a lounge with a beautiful swimming pool. There are also many all-inclusive options for guests to have all of their food and drinks to be included in their stay. 

 Obviously, I don’t have enough inside information to know where William and Kate will go on their honeymoon.  I believe that one of these destinations will be the spot, but who knows.  The Royal couple could have an entirely new location that they want to explore together.  After all, a honeymoon should have an element of experiencing a new place together as a couple.  The adventure is all part of your honeymoon.  

 Please leave comments as to where you think the Royal couple will go on their honeymoon.

~ Tami

Tami Santini, Paradise Getaways Travel LLC
Sandals Travel Specialist
Beaches Travel Specialist
Toll Free: (877) 686-0397


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There are so many aspects that make up a great romantic getaway.   The right destination and perfect resort are a great start to having an enjoyable trip; however the final piece depends on you as a couple.  How you relate to each other on your trip will determine if your relationship will grow stronger and set the tone for your marriage, or cause you to have second thoughts.   Here are a few tips that you and your new spouse should think about before you travel, in order to really make this the getaway of a lifetime!

1. Talk about What You Both Want

Your honeymoon may or may not be your first trip together, but if it is, you definitely need to make sure you talk to each other about your expectations.  It is so important for both of you to a have as much agreement as possible as to what you are hoping to experience on your honeymoon or romantic getaway.   Remember, you are trying to establish long-term bonds between you and build your relationship to last a lifetime. 

2. Have a genuine friendship

No matter where you go, or what you do, you should make sure that you are friends with each other. If you truly enjoy each other’s company, then you will probably get along and enjoy each other in just about any situation and you should have a great trip.  If this is your situation, then congratulations, you are on the right track in your relationship.  If this isn’t quite the case, there is no need to panic; there are many things you can do to build your relationship and friendship.   Don’t force it however, if the more you get to know each other, the more incompatibility keeps coming up, and you may want to re-evaluate your relationship.

3.  Pick a destination that is for both of you

Dan and Alicia at Sandals Montego Bay in Jamaica No matter how good your friendship is, you are still two different people.    You may love to lie on the beach and relax; he may want to go zip lining.   You may want to go on a shopping excursion; he may want to play golf.   Most of the time you will be doing everything together, so make a list of everything you both would like to do on your trip.   Once you have your list, start to prioritize your list into must dos, really want to dos, and might dos.   You will want to plan as many Must dos as possible.   It is also a good idea to make sure that you have an opportunity to do some things on your own, if one of you changes your mind.   It’s ok! On our last vacation, I decided I wanted to go to the Spa for some extra pampering, while my husband went to the fitness center.  (I think I got the better end of the deal)  Making sure that both of you understand each other’s needs on your trip is a key ingredient to a successful getaway.

 4. The adventure together is always more important than where you go.

 Always remember that traveling is about experiencing new sights and adventures together.   From planning your honeymoon, navigating through the airport, smelling the tropical air and feeling the warmth of the tropical sun as you step off of the plane, to jumping on your king size bed together for the first time.   No matter what destination you choose, relaxing and having fun with each other, is the most important part of having a trip of a lifetime.    On my honeymoon with my hubby, we decided to go scuba diving.   Little known to both of us, Lou got sea sick on the boat, and couldn’t do much for a few hours.  Even though we couldn’t do a lot for the next few hours, we just stayed in the room and rested, and ended up having a great evening.    

 5. Have a Positive Attitude

 As a travel agent, I work very hard to make sure all the details of your honeymoon, destination wedding, or romantic getaway are perfectly set for you to have the trip of a lifetime, it is rare to go on a getaway where every detail goes completely smooth and according to plan.  Sometimes there are flight delays, bad weather, or other little things that can be a little off.  How you respond to these inconveniences can make a big difference.   You should always remind your selves that things can go wrong, and if they do, it is all part of the experience of traveling and working together.  (Of course, if anyone of my clients has a problem, I would expect them to call me and hopefully I can fix it)

These tips are not just a great reference for couples who travel, but really, these tips are a great reference for all couples striving for a healthy relationship.


 Vision in White

 The Vision in White destination wedding theme is a classic white wedding theme that most brides have dreamed of since they were little girls. This classic theme takes on a dreamy quality when placed in a tropical island setting.   Eyelet and lace grace every detail, from the bride’s bouquet of roses, orchids, and gladiolas to the hurricane globes on the reception table. The ceremony takes place under a white frame decorated with a flowing eyelet fabric. White Chiavari chairs are set up for your wedding guests. There are pillar candles wrapped in eyelet fabric that will add a romantic glow over the reception table that gives a romantic setting you will cherish for a lifetime. The table is set with china, clear stemware and flatware. You can choose either an intricately decorated cake or cupcakes with beautiful eyelet accents.


Here are some photos of the Vision in White Theme








All wedding themes include table for bride and groom and up to six guests.

_ Inclusive of (12) 5x7 Photographs in a Standard Photo Album

_ Standard DVD

_ Additional tables for guests (up to 8 each) are available for an additional cost of $500 each.

_ A 50% deposit is due at time of booking. Balance due at 60 days. Non-refundable at 45 days prior to


Government and administrative fees are $250 and are waived if room booking is in a concierge category

or higher and a stay of 6 nights or longer

   or   give  us   call  at   877-686-0397

Seaside Serenade

The Seaside Serenade is the ultimate beach wedding theme.  The ceremony takes place under a bamboo frame with strands of light shells accent in the island breeze.  Bench seating is provided as well as a sea shell lined aisle.  Your reception table is decorated with an aqua tablecloth, Wedgewood China, and accented with seashells and sand.  Your cake has aqua fondant with white coral accents or you can get cupcakes with white sugar seashell toppers.  Every element of this theme brings out the natural beauty of a beach celebration.

Here are some photos of the Seaside Serenade Theme





All wedding themes include table for bride and groom and up to six guests.

Inclusive of (12) 5x7 Photographs in a Standard Photo Album

Standard DVD

Additional tables for guests (up to 8 each) are available for an additional cost of $500 each arrival.

A 50% deposit is due at time of booking. Balance due at 60 days. Non-refundable at 45 days prior to departure.

 Government and administrative fees are $250 and are waived if room booking is in a concierge category if stay is 6 nights or longer in a concierge room.

   or   call   us   at  877-686-0397

Chic and Natural

The Chic and Natural Wedding theme gives your special day  a feeling of serene enchantment.  Clean lines and organic elements set a tranquil and modern tone that is full of romance.  The bamboo ceremony frame is decorated with a sheer taupe fabric blowing in the island breeze.  The bride’s bouquet is aspray of white orchids and the groom’s boutonniere will complement.  The reception table is set with Wedgewood China, white full length linen and a taupe aislerunner surrounded by white Chiavari chairs.  The centerpieces rest in natural wood boxes of green orchids, polished black river stones and vibrant green moss.  Your cake is decorated pale green topped with a white camellia or cupcakes topped with small, white orchids. 

Chic and Natural wedding guarantees you’ll start your new life together in style.

Here are some photos of the Chic and Natural Wedding Theme

All wedding themes include table for bride and groom and up to six guests.

Additional tables for guests (up to 8 each) are available for an additional cost of $500 each.

A 50% deposit is due at time of booking.   Balance due at 60 days.   Non-refundable at 45 days prior to arrival.

Government and administrative fees are $250 and are waived if room booking is in a concierge category or  higher and a stay of 6 nights or longer

     or   call   us   at   877-686-0397

Island Paradise

The Island Paradise wedding brings the soft, warm colors of a Caribbean summer evening to your celebration. The bride’s bouquet of gorgeous orchids arranged in coral, yellow, and orange reflect the amber shades of a setting sky and evoke a feel of romantic tropical opulence. Lush banana leaves decorate the bamboo frame.  There are natural wood trays filled with tropical fruits and bright blooms become the centerpieces.  Your wedding cake is trimmed with rattan pattern fondant and covered in fresh orchids for a authentic and beautiful Caribbean feel.

Here are some photos of the Island Paradise wedding theme

All wedding themes include table for bride and groom and up to six guests. 
Additional tables for guests (up to 8 each) are available for an additional cost of $500 each.
A 50% deposit is due at time of booking. Balance due at 60 days. Non-refundable at 45 days prior to arrival.
Government and administrative fees are $250 and are waived if room booking is in a concierge category or higherand a stay of 6 nights or longer

   or   call  us   at  877-686-0397

Prices For The Wedding Destination Wedding Themes

Ok,  well now you know an overview of what the destination wedding themes are,  what they include, and what they look like,  but how much do the wedding packages cost at Sandals and Beaches all inclusive Caribbean resorts?   The wedding theme prices are a little different depending on which destination you pick.   I have included a chart below with the latest updated pricing available from Sandals and Beaches resorts as of 02/16/2011:

The prices are:





Bahamas, St. Lucia, Antigua 

Turks & Caicos 

Flutter of Romance




Vision in White**




Seaside Serenade **




Chic and Natural




Island Paradise




** Includes DVD & 12 (5x7) photos with album


I hope this article helps you understand more about the wedding themes at Sandals and Beaches all inclusive Caribbean resorts in Jamaica, the  Bahamas,  Antigua, and St. Lucia.   So what is the next step,  well coordinating all of this can still be quite complicated.  Remember, you have to book your stay at a Sandals resort first, before you can book your wedding.   So you will need to decide on which resort is best for you and your family, and book your stay there first.  Then we can save the date for the wedding.  This proceedure is all covered in my "how to do a destination wedding at Sandals and Beaches resorts" article.  

 Beautiful Beginning weddings are now free at Sandals Royal Plantation for any bookings of six nights or longer*

 Beautiful Beginning weddings are now free at Sandals Emerald Bay if traveling between September and January for bookings of six nights or longer.  If they travel between February and August then the cost is $350 if booking is six nights or longer.*


I would love to help you with any advice or assistance that you need to plan your destination wedding.

Please contact me  today and I will make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams.


  or   call  us  at  877-686-0397




Wedding Themes

There are five distinct destination wedding themes that you can get at Sandals and Beaches Resorts.   All are under the “Martha Stewart” collection.  All that really means is that Martha Stewart helped design the wedding themes that are now available at every all inclusive Sandals and Beaches caribbean resort.   On yesterday's post, I highlighted the first wedding theme of Vision in White,  today I will focus on the next wedding theme that you can choose from at Sandals and Beaches resorts.
Flutter of Romance:

Flutter of Romance destination wedding package at Sandals and Beaches resort

The Flutter of Romance wedding theme is a joyful and playful theme that is has a floral theme, a pretty butterfly motif adds a touch fantasy throughout the entire wedding experience.  The white ceremony frame is decorated with strands of silk flowers in shades of light and hot pink and pretty butterflies.  The butterflies also top the pale pink cake or cupcakes for a charming and sweet look.  The bridal bouquet,  boutonniere, and centerpieces are made up of light and bright pink roses.  The table is decorated with a full length white linen and a pink table runner along the center set under a variety of bright pink paper lanterns. There is a group of small porcelain vases that run along the length of the table along with magenta orchids.

Here are some photos of the Flutter of Romance Theme

Beautiful Magenta and Rose colors highlight the Flutter of Romance wedding theme

Beautiful pink and magenta roses make up a beautiful boquette

Flutter of romance cake at Sandals and Beaches resorts

All wedding themes include table for bride and groom and up to six guests.

_ Additional tables for guests (up to 8 each) are available for an additional cost of $500 each.

_ A 50% deposit is due at time of booking. Balance due at 60 days. Non-refundable at 45 days prior to


_ Government and administrative fees are $250 and are waived if room booking is in a concierge category

or higher and a stay of 6 nights or longer                                       

   or  give us a call at  877-686-0397

Thinking about a destination wedding at Sandals, well if this is the first article or information you have started with, then you should check out my article on "how to do a destination wedding at Sandals and Beaches Resorts".  This article is about explaining the destination wedding themes that are available to you at every Sandals and Beaches all inclusive caribbean resort.   

Every Destination Wedding package at Sandals or Beaches includes:

  • Personal Wedding Consultant
  • Picturesque Wedding Location
  • Bridal Bouquet & Groom’s Boutonniere
  • Pre-Recorded Musical Accompaniment
  • Marriage Officer
  • Sparkling Wine & Chilled Hors d’oeuvres
  •  Reception for Bride, Groom and Two Guests (30 minutes)
  • Two-tiered Wedding Cake
  • One (1) 5x7 Wedding Photograph
  • Preparation of Marriage Documents
  • Certified Marriage Certificate
  • Wedding Gift from Sandals
  • Honeymoon Dinner for Bride & Groom in an existing Resort Restaurant
  • Continental Breakfast in bed the next morning

 No matter what theme you pick, which I will explain in a moment,  every destination wedding will include all of the above.   From this, you can customize many different elements into your destination wedding, such as photography, video, private transfers to and from the airport, a candle light dinner,  a spa treatment,  the list is endless.  This leads me to the wedding themes.

Wedding Themes

There are five distinct destination wedding themes that you can get at Sandals and Beaches Resorts.   All are under the "Martha Stewart" collection.  All that really means is that Martha Stewart helped design the wedding themes that are now available at every all inclusive Sandals and Beaches caribbean resort.    I will be posting on each theme, one a day.  Here is the first of the five wedding themes at Sandals and Beaches Resorts. 
Beautiful Beginnings

Beautiful Beginnings is the basic wedding theme at Sandals and Beaches Resorts

The Beautiful Beginnings destination wedding theme is Sandals basic wedding theme.  The Beautiful Beginnings destination wedding theme is simple and elegant.  This theme includes a handheld bouquet of magenta orchids for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom.  The wedding ceremony can take place in existing gazebos, beach, garden, or lawn locations.  The reception table has a full length white tablecloth, and includes white china and clear glassware, surrounded by white Chiavari chairs.  The center pieces are made of magenta orchids in vases that are centered on the white tablecloth.

The Beautiful Beginnings theme is perfect for a small intimate wedding.  Many couples who either get married by themselves, or bring their best man and matron of honor with them, choose this wedding theme. 

The Beautiful Beginnings wedding theme is free with a stay of 6 nights or longer when booked in a concierge level room or higher level.

There is another way to get the free wedding package if you don’t want to stay 6 nights, and it depends on how many other rooms are booked as a part of your wedding, contact me for details.   877-686-0397      or   email  me.

Here are some photos of the Beautiful Beginnings Wedding Theme at Sandals and Beaches

Beautiful beginnins destination wedding theme at Sandals and beaches resorts 

 Beautiful Beginnings wedding themes at Sandals and Beaches
  Beautiful Beginnings destination wedding themes at Sandals Resorts include a two tier cake
  or  call  us  at  877-686-0397
Please note: Reception is for bride, groom and 2 guests. Guests not meeting the promotion requirements still qualify for the free Beautiful Beginnings package but must pay the Government / Administrative fees which are $250 in Jamaica, $500 in Antigua, St. Lucia and the Bahamas. Wedding packages can be customized with extras. Learn more about wedding extras.

* At Sandals Emerald Bay only available from September - January; $350 from February - August. Additional $600 charge for twilight weddings at any resort.

Tomorrow's blog post will be on the Flutter of Romance wedding theme at Sandals and Beaches resorts.

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Wedding Registries are always a great idea. A registry is a great way to let your guests know what items you would like to start your new life together.   When you use a registry, you can also keep track of who bought what, which can come in handy if you lose their gift tag or card.   A registry also helps prevent getting the same gift twice. So we all agree that doing a wedding registry is a great idea. Now, have you ever thought of doing a honeymoon or destination wedding registry?

What is a Honeymoon Registry?

A honeymoon registry is similar to a regular wedding registry, except your friends and family are purchasing pieces of your honeymoon for you.   In reality, a honeymoon registry is a savings account where people can deposit money toward all of the things you have listed on your registry.   When it comes time to take your honeymoon, you receive a check that you can use however you want while on your honeymoon, or to reimburse you when you get home. 

Get More Honeymoon for Less Money

Ahoneymoon registry is great for helping you have a wonderful honeymoon with many activities and amenities included that you might not be able to afford on your own. Let’s face it; a wedding is expensive, why not get a chunk of your honeymoon paid for to help ease some of your burden. You can list the excursions you would like to have such as:
  a zip line through the rainforest
  a candlelight dinner on the beach,
  a wonderful spa treatment;
maybe you want to add butler service to your room.
The possibilities are endless. You list all of the items you would like to have for your honeymoon, and your guests contribute toward what is on your registry.

Great for the Second Time Around:

Many times, if this is a second marriage for you, honeymoon registries are the best way to go, as most people already have all of the things for a home and then some by the time you both get together.   You don’t need 10 pans, or 50 glasses… You get my drift.   Let your guests give you what you really need, an incredible honeymoon to relax and be pampered on.

 Memories last a lifetime!

The memories you share together on your honeymoon are worth more than all the stuff you could ever have!   No one can ever take, return, or refund, those from you. 


Planning a Destination Wedding:   Follow these steps for the wedding of your dreams

So you have weighed the pros and cons of having a destination wedding, You have spoken to friends and family, maybe even someone like me about the process, and now you are ready to proceed with your destination wedding.   Every bride wants her wedding day to be picture perfect, and I would say that your destination wedding should even be more than picture perfect, especially given the fact that you will be getting married in a beautiful location.    Great destination weddings don’t just happen; they are the result of a lot of hard work and proper planning.   With that in mind,   here is a great outline of the steps you need to take in order to have your dream destination wedding.

·         Plan Early:   It takes time to put together a destination wedding. You and your guests will need adequate time and money to secure the accommodations and flights. 

·         Decide on a destination and location:  Miles of white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, lush botanical gardens, exotic waterfalls, picturesque sunsets, and emerald mountains, so many destinations, so many choices!   The best destination wedding location depends on your personality.   The key is to match the perfect destination and location to your personality as a couple. A destination wedding consultant can make this process easy and successful.

·         Secure The Date ASAP: Destination wedding popularity is increasing and dates for weddings get filled up fast.   Once you know where you want to go, you will want to secure your wedding date at the location as soon as possible in the planning process. It is easier to change the date later, than miss out on the date you want.   A destination wedding specialist can do all of this for you, saving you hours of stress and time.

·         Decide on a Budget for you and your guests:   Once you have the basics in place, you will need to think about your personal budget as well as a budget for your guests. The bride and groom usually save about 10,000 dollars when doing a destination wedding over a traditional wedding, but your guests will pay more.  Try to stay in a price point you can afford. Many resorts offer a multitude of wedding packages that include your ceremony and reception. Choose the one that gives you the most quality at the price you can afford.   A destination wedding consultant can usually get great group rates for you and your guests.

·         Start a guest list: Once you know your destination and budget, it will be time to decide on who you would like to have at your wedding.   There will of course be certain people who you definitely want there, and then you can begin to decide on the others. Keep in mind the age and health of your guests. Some people may not be healthy enough for a long trip or a lot of walking. Also, some of your guests may not have the financial means to go to your wedding. 

·         Length of Stay:  When trying to decide on your length of stay, you will need to decide if you will be planning to get married legally in the country that you are staying in, or if you will be getting married in the U.S first, and then having a symbolic ceremony. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Talking to a destination wedding consultant can really help you decide on which option is best for you in your unique situation

·         Flights: The lowest airfare is not always the best option for your destination wedding. You should be on a flight that will get you to your resort as quickly as possible. You don’t want to have an 8hr lay over somewhere and arrive at your resort too late to enjoy your first day that you have already paid for. Not all flights are created equal. 

·         What Do You Pay For? Your guests should pay for their vacation package to your destination. That includes their air fare, hotel accommodations, and transfers to and from the airport. You should pay for any activities, events, dinners, or transportation that your guests will need to go to because you have scheduled it for them. Having your wedding at a good all-inclusive resort will include all of your food and drinks at the resort, as well as, many activities that the resort sponsors. 

·         What about Children?    There are many great resorts that accommodate children and families. Many have family and adult only areas of the resort to provide the best of both worlds. The resorts we recommend to our clients have kids clubs and day care to allow you and your guests more time to relax. 

·         Legal Requirements: You will need to know what the legal requirements are to get married at your destination. Your destination wedding consultant knows all of the legal requirements for the locations you are looking to get married at. 

This outline should help make planning your destination wedding much easier and ensure that you truly get the wedding of your dreams.



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Negril Jamaica. One of the best honeymoon spots in all of the Caribbean. Negril has the best of both worlds. Negril is located on the Famous seven miles of white sand beach. The water is fantastic, and swimming and relaxing on the beach is incredible



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