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What to do if there's a problem with your RING!!
12 January, 201112 January, 2011 4 comments Post Comments Advice to you, with LovE Advice to you, with LovE
So.. your engagement ring. Beautiful, Amazing... not what you expected?
Not what you thought it would look like? The hubby didn't do a great job?
Okay, maybe your one of the brides who would love ANYTHING your husband picked out to give you as a symbol of his forever love. GOOD FOR YOU.
I am not one of those girls. So much so that I had to be fully involved in the choosing process.
And even though I was there every step of the way...there were still MAJOR problems with the ring.
So what do you do when there is a problem with the ring?
Be honest with the jeweler. Explain the situation - why you don't like the ring, what you want to change, and of course, what the $$ difference looks like. If you do your best to be calm, cool, and collected (I know what you're thinking, I'M ENGAGED AND I HATE MY RING!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE CALM?), you will have what you want before you can say, "look at my gorrrrgeous rock!"
As always, here's my story - because I never want you to feel alone in any bumps in the planning road.
Early in 2008, I told Matt that I made an appointment with my boss' jeweler in NYC (Yes, I am type A personality, thank you). Everything was going great, I had some specifics - I wanted white gold and pink gold, a princess cut diamond (which we had previously purchased) and something completely different - not the typical setting, you know?
Things were going great. Even when Matt proposed, and he put my creation on my finger, i LOVED it. But then...the diamonds in the band started falling out. Not one, not two, but FOUR diamonds fell out. We brought it back to the jeweler time and time again, paying money each time to have the small diamonds replaced (nothing too expensive, $25 each time)...but we also had to pay for train tickets to get into NYC, and then subway to get to the it added up fast.
About 4 months before the wedding, another diamond fell out. We went to the jeweler and explained that my ring was broken more often than it was fixed. I spent my entire engagement either without the ring because it was being fixed, or flawed. So they decided to remake the ring in a different way, so the metal would hold in the diamonds.
Great, right? WRONG!
After another 2 months of not having an engagement ring to wear, Matt went into NYC to pick up the new creation and thought it was great. This was the same day we were going to get our marriage license and I had my first dress fitting. It was going to be a great day!!

We met at Town Hall in Hempstead, NY, walked into the building and were waiting to be called to get our license. Matt pulled out the ring, opened the box, and I started to cry. These were NOT tears of joy. The ring was HIDEOUS!! Disgusting. I HATED it so much. And the wedding was less than 2 months away!
So I held back my tears so I could go through the license process, went out to dinner with Matt, our moms and his grandma, and then drove out to Patchogue for my dress fitting.

The next day, I was inside another local jewelry store, explaining the entire story to them.
And what did I end up with (a week before the wedding, I might add)? A typical, white gold, diamond setting and matching band. Something that I have seen in jewelry cases for years, have seen on other brides wedding ring fingers, and thought was pretty but "just not me."

And you know what? I couldn't be happier.
(Here's Matt, slipping on that beautiful ring I never knew I always wanted)
So stay positive, ladies, oddly enough, everything really does work out for the best.
Til' next time,
Your Happily Wedded Wife -
Adina Marie :)


  • sgmxgzh1By sgmxgzh1 1264 Days Ago
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  • Nessa1201By Nessa1201 2791 Days Ago
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    A similar thing happen to me. I got engaged a week before Christmas and by mid-January one of the diamonds fell out of my ring. I was crush as was my fiance. Turns out that there was a manufacture defect in that ring setting in every store that carried it. We decided to get a different ring and wedding band. I love the new ring but all of our engagement photos are with our first ring. Better it happen now then a year into the marriage. I give you a lot of credit for dealing with the situation that you did. I could not of handled it as long as you did.
  • LilBeachBrideBy LilBeachBride 2833 Days Ago
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    Hi Lewis,
    YES! Your comment is greatly appreciated, and I completely agree.
    Picking a jeweler is a very important and personal decision, and it is important that all who are looking for engagement rings remember to do their research, and not work solely off of recommendations or impulse. A lot of emotion and money goes into the purchase of the engagement ring, and it's always best do it right the first time, to avoid some very frustrating and costly consequences.
    That being said, it is wonderful to see that honesty is important to you, because a happy client is a client for life.
    Thanks again for checking out my blog!
    Respectfully, Adina Marie
  • AWeddingRingExperienceBy AWeddingRingExperience 2834 Days Ago
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    Hi Adina Marie,
    Since you put this out for all who are planning an engagement ring purchase, I feel it's OK to respond with a jeweler's viewpoint.
    When you - an untrained client - asked for unconventional settings for your diamonds, I think the jeweler - an expert in his field - owed it to you to point out that your ideas could lead to insecure mountings and possible loss of your stones. I think it's great that you are happy with your conventionally-mounted settings now; they should last . It's sad that you had to go through the trauma and expense of repeated repairs because the jeweler was not able to explain the perils of your design. When couples (or young men working in secret) come in to a Wedding Ring Workshop (tm) to make rings with their own hands, we think it our duty to dissuade them from designs that we know from EXPERIENCE will lead to dissatisfaction. We may lose a sale, but we don't gain a dissatisfied client.
    Lewis .


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