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Long Beautiful Hair
Like Many Brides, I too am trying to grow my hair out long for my wedding, so I have more styling options for the Big Day.  I read many girly magazines for fun, and always find many of the hair tips interesting, but I always figured they wouldn't work on my frizzy hair so I don't try them, and I just continue to fry it with a flat iron.  However, lately I have been putting some of these expert tips to use lately.  Here are the expert tips and my findings: (Please note: I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair that is awful looking in its natural state)

1. Shampoo hair only once or twice a week - At first I thought that my hair would look crazy greasy and I thought this would be disgusting since I try to go to the gym every day.  To my surprise though my hair and scalp naturally adapted to the less frequent shampooing.  My scalp is far less oily than before, and my styling lasts longer because of it.  I still go to the gym and sweat and shower, but I only rinse my hair every day and put conditioner at the ends, and I still get the same results.  In addition, I have noticed less hair suck in my drain, and it seems healthier and has more volume!

2. Try to avoid heat styling - OK so it is hard to completely avoid heat styling if you have hair like mine, but it can be reduced if you wait to heat style your hair till the last possible minute - let it air dry most of the way then finish it off with blow drying.  Also make sure your hair is completely dry before styling with hot curlers, a flat iron, or curling iron.  These products can cause water to boil on your strands and will cause damage.  If you are heat styling, try to also use a leave in-conditioner and a heat protector or combination of both.  Since I cut back on heat styling especially during the summer, I have been able to go longer between getting my hair trimmed due to less split ends.  Less hair cuts/trimming = less money spent = more money to spend for your wedding.

3. Eating a balanced diet with Protein and getting the proper nutrients can help hair grow healthier and faster - A few years ago I had a diet that consisted of mostly vegetables and carbohydrates and little protein.  At that time my hair seemed to shed all the time.  Last year I increased my protein intake when I was training for a marathon and my hair seemed to get thicker and stronger because of it.  In addition, a friend who is a hairstylist suggested taking pre-natal vitamins.  Some pre-natal vitamins can be bought over the counter at the regular drug store or health food store and I swear my hair has been growing faster since I have been taking them.

4. Use the proper hair products for your hair type - This does not mean spending a lot, but buy products that work with your hair type.  I have recently tried Moroccan Oil, it is quite pricey, but it has reduced drying time for my hair, which means less heat styling and damage.  It has also repaired my hair and makes it feel softer and stronger, and it reduces the frizz!  I am a product junkie, I have tried EVERYTHING, all brands, and all price points, and I am easily convinced by product claims.  I always expect miracles from these new products and am always disappointed.  I think I finally found something worth it though!  While the product is pricey, you only need a little drop.  Don't use too much.  In addition, it works as a few products in one - leave in conditioner and protector.  This product probably isn't for everybody, but it has worked for me and I am happy to recommend it. 




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