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Is a Destination Wedding The Right Choice For You
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a destination wedding can be a great optionYou
got the surprise of a lifetime!  Your boyfriend asked you to marry him,
and you said yes!  Now that the initial excitement has calmed down a
bit, everyone you know has been asking you. "So when is the wedding?",
"where are you getting married?" and many more questions that you may
not be able to answer yet.  You may not even know what kind of wedding
you want yet.  Maybe the idea of getting married on a white sand beach
with your closest friends and family, has crossed your mind.  If you
have been tossing around the idea of a destination wedding, here are
some things to think about to help you make your decision.


Guest List:

destination wedding partyWith a destination wedding,
not all of your family and friends will be able to make the wedding. 
If you are the type of person who will be very upset if everyone can't
come to your wedding, then a destination wedding may not be a good idea
for you.  Usually, your closest family and friends will be able to make
it, but if they are not in good health, don't travel well, or are really
strapped for money, then a wedding away may prove challenging for them
to attend.  Many destination wedding couples have a small separate
reception back in the States, for their family and friends that could
not make it to the wedding.  This is a great way to show off your photos
and video, which will allow them to feel like they were a part of the
wedding day afterall. Often times a bride and groom find that the
majority of their friends and family are already scattered around the
globe and they will have travel to come to their wedding anyway, so why
not make it more of a vacation experience for everyone?!


destination wedding settingThe location
for your wedding is also another consideration.  Most people want to be
married in a romantic and beautiful setting, even if it is at a church,
or your own back yard.  Nothing else can compete with a destination wedding for
a beautiful and romantic locale.  If location is a very important
wedding detail to you, then a destination wedding is a good choice for
you. If your wedding location is not necessarily something that is on
the top of your list, then a traditional wedding may also be fine for


Communication and Planning:

destination wedding planningSometimes
with a destination wedding, the communication between the resort or the
vendors is delayed.  These resorts are busy putting on destination
weddings for many brides several times a day.  The photographer, or
wedding coordinator may not be able to respond to you right away.  If
you are someone that needs an immediate response from a vendor, then the
planning of a destination wedding could frustrate you.  I work with
these resorts and vendors all of the time, and there can be time delays
during the planning process.  In the end, it all comes together the way
it is suppossed to, and if you are ok with a delay here or there as long
as it all gets done, then planning a destination wedding would be fine
for you. 


Wedding Day Details:

destination wedding cakeDestination Weddings
are beautiful, romantic, and picturesque, but because of the warm
climates, and some of the set resort packages, your flowers may droop a
little bit before the ceremony, the cake may begin to melt. This doesn't
always happen, but it could.  If details like these would make you
upset or bring you to tears, then a destination wedding is probably not
for you.  If you know that there may be some details that don't quite
come out as planned, and it won't make you have a break down, then a destination wedding is a good fit for you.



a destination wedding takes a lot of organizationIt
takes a lot of organization to pull together a destination wedding.  Of
course, it takes a fair amount of organization to plan any wedding.
With a destination wedding you are coordinating travel, trying to get a
group rates, sending out save the date cards, as well as many more
decisions that will have to be made to make a destination wedding a
reality.  If you are not a very organized person, it doesn't matter!
 There are many, many great destination wedding designers, such as
myself, that can help you with all of these details.  Hey, I know you
wouldn't go to a friend if you needed a tooth pulled, (I hope),  you
would go to a dentist.  If you need your car fixed, you probably won't
go to a Vet to fix it. (Maybe your vet is good at fixing cars,  mine
isn't).  Save yourself time and stress, and hire a destination wedding
designer.  They will handle the organization for you, so that you can
relax and focus on other things.   

So, the best personality for a destination wedding is...........

destination wedding coupleDestination
weddings are a great way to experience more than just a wedding day.
They are an opportunity for brides and grooms to share a longer
celebration with those in their lives who they care about the most.
Reasons for doing a destination wedding vary by each couple; sometimes
it just makes sense because all your guests are geographically
scattered, sometimes it is more economical, other times it is because
you actually want to be more selective in who you invite and other
reasons are because it tends to be a more stress-free wedding planning
experience.  Whatever your reason, one thing I can say for certain is
this: a destination wedding is best for someone who is flexible and has
the ability to "roll with the punches."

Need Some Help With Your Planning?

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    Also if you get your true love then it will add stars to your destination wedding............
  • flowerstoregirlBy flowerstoregirl 1640 Days Ago
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    ya for me destination wedding means a lot as wedding took place once in life and for this everything should be perfect then only it become a destination wedding........
  • daniel_smithBy daniel_smith 1989 Days Ago
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    I believe destination wedding should be more happening since it being celebrated once-in-a-lifetime. So, with unique floral arrangements, the best local cuisine, extraordinary musicians, and, no doubt, some interesting and exits and full entertainment can be best way to make it remember for the life time.


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