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Committing to a dress or perhaps it's better stated as committing to THE dress.
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The most difficult thing during this whole wedding business thus far has been picking my wedding dress. It's not that this is difficult physically, but rather that it's been very difficult emotionally. I've always heard tales of how a woman steps into her dress and just knows that it is the one. Something about that particular dress speaks to her and she buys it right there on the spot. She never sees another dress that she even remotely likes and never regrets her decision.
I probably shouldn't admit to you how I've been to seven different stores in the pursuit of this shining example of dress perfection. I knew these things going in; I wanted something different and unique, I wanted it to have a slight vintage feel and I wanted it to be floor length.
What I expected was that I would hate everything except for one dress and that that dress would be the one. Love at first site, first shop I went to. So I researched places around town and found the shop where I was sure I would find that magical dress. Well that wasn't exactly how it went down. My first trip to a dress store was in August 2010. They didn't let me take any photos of myself in the dresses at that shop, but I can tell you that I liked everything I put on. I was so smitten by the idea of wearing a wedding dress for the first time that they all looked great, even the ones that didn't have my three criteria. So of course I didn't wind up finding my dress that day, but I did have one that seemed to stand above the others. Specifically Claire Pettibone's Origami.
Pretty right? Different right? It could work. Maybe it wasn't so vintage, but definitely unique. Still it wasn't exactly what I wanted so it was off to the next store.
This dress was okay, but it was a little too generic for me. I liked the sparkly overlay, but nothing about it said unique, different, or vintage.
This one was a little more vintage. I liked the beading around the waist, but it still wasn't me.
Ah, much more vintage, but maybe it was the color that was throwing me off. I wanted the vintage white or what we would call Ivory today. I also wasn't liking the fit in of the sleeves. I think this dress would be better on someone who had more slender shoulders.
From there it got worse. The more stores I visited and the more dresses I tried on the more dresses I liked! I had yet to find the one dress that was my dress, but there were some many that could work. I had to convince myself that I really wanted a dress that said something about me and not just a dress that looked nice. So it was off to another store and another and another. It started to get a little tedious.  My thoughts started to change from "I love it all!!" to "I don't like anything."
I still wanted my dress so I pressed on. My fantastic bridesmaid Stacey hung in there and came with me to store after store after store.
This dress was very different. It had a rose print which I absolutely loved, but after showing the photos to some friends I was told that the printed roses looked more like tea stains. That dress was out.
This dress had a great Hollywood feel, but had some weird details on the sides that I didn't like. Nixed!
Of course then I had to go back to the dress shops I visited before. That Claire Pettibone I liked from my first dress shopping trip? I tried it on again and didn't like it at all. I guess the glamor of wedding dresses had worn off.
But finally I stumbled across two dresses that I really fell in love with. I finally got that feeling of I could wear this. This could be my dress. So that's where I stand currently. Unable to commit, afraid I might make the wrong decision, afraid that I've thought too much about it, afraid that I haven't thought enough. I am leaning towards one in particular, but I have to say that it was so much easier to commit to the man than to the dress I'm going to wear to marry the man!
I'll keep you all updated on how it goes. Have any of you other brides had trouble committing to the dress?


  • flowerstoregirlBy flowerstoregirl 1661 Days Ago
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    i also searched online and get some fabulous sites for getting beautiful dresses and select wallao store as they gave beautiful dresses and also they told me that i can order online too from
  • flowerstoregirlBy flowerstoregirl 1662 Days Ago
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    such a great so much variety in dress..I am very thankful to give a new way of dressing up..
  • andy15By andy15 1663 Days Ago
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    All the dresses are very beautiful specially the tulle of the last dress....truly said finding dress is not an easy task because emotions of the brides are also attached to it...


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