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10 Ways to Have a Perfect Destination Wedding
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 There are so many elements that go into making a destination wedding perfect.  Here are
10 of the most important ways to make sure you have the destination wedding of your dreams. 
 1. Go On a “Try before you buy” Mission

happy couple checking out a destination wedding If you can afford it, travel to the area and resort you are considering for your destination wedding. 
It is good to see the exact location and area in person.  You can check
out the resort to make sure it will meet all of your guests and your
needs and wants for your wedding.  You can try out the food, check out
the service, meet with the wedding coordinator, and possibly view another wedding going on.  Once you are there, you may find a different
resort you like better.  You can always get a day pass, around
$150dollars, to other resorts and check those out as well.   You may
like or not like the local area the resort is in for activities and
excursions you want available for your guests to experience. I always
recommend using a destination wedding designer in your planning, because
they can guide you to a destination and resort that would be perfect
for you, arrange the travel, and set the appointment with the wedding
coordinator so that you can meet with her, and scope out the venues.  

2. Think About Doing a Symbolic Ceremony:

There are a lot of legal requirements when you get married in another
country.  Usually there is a short window that you have to legally be in
the country you are going to get married in.  The average is two to
three business days, plus all the paper work.   You can avoid all the
paper work, by getting married at by a JOP, and then all you need to do
is bring your marriage license with you to the resort, and you can get
married with a “symbolic ceremony”  it really still feels like the same
thing!  I recommend using a destination wedding designer to help you
figure out what the legalities are to get married in the countries you
are considering.  When it comes to anniversaries, you can either pick
your legal date, or symbolic date, or some couples celebrate both. 
Usually they will celebrate small and private for one date, and do
something larger for the other anniversary date.  Hey, I am always
looking for a reason to celebrate!

3.Carry On Your Dress: 

packing your wedding dress for a destination weddingNever,
never, allow your dress to be put in checked baggage.  There are too
many things that could go wrong, and have gone wrong when a wedding
dress has been put with the checked bags.  Your dress should be in a
protected garment bag, and may need to be folded.  Some airlines will
allow you to hang your dress in first class.  If you ask you flight
attendant, most are very understanding about your needs, especially if
you are getting married. 


4. Have All Your Attendees Stay at the Same Resort: 

friends at a destination weddingIf
at all possible, try to get everyone to book at the same resort.  This
will simplify your life so much!  When everyone  is all in the same
locale, it is just easier to do your group activities,  enjoy all of
your time with family and friends, as well as cut down extra costs for
your guests that may be staying elsewhere.  Usually, any of your guests
that want to be at your resort, but are not staying there will have to
pay a day pass fee, plus transportation costs to come to your resort
every day.    A good destination wedding designer
can get you a great group rate, and help you find a resort that will be
great for all of you, and work within everyone’s budget.

5.  Be Considerate of your wedding party

be understanding of your bridal party at your destination weddingRemember
that your wedding party has paid a good amount of money to be there for
your special day.  Some wedding packages include hair and makeup for
you but for your bridal party, there is an extra charge. Make sure you
pick a very affordable package, or better yet, just pay for them to get
their hair and makeup done for the wedding.

6.  Let Your Hair Down

relaxed bride at her destination weddingWith a destination wedding,
there is supposed to be a more care free, and natural atmosphere to
your wedding day.   It definitely is more relaxing to hang out on the
beach with an endless supply of drinks and food at your beck and call,
while getting ready for your wedding.  Don’t worry so much about your
hair or make up being perfect.   After all, you are in a location that
usually involves gentle breezes, water, and warm weather. 


7.  Keep an Open Mind For a Wedding Photographer:

wedding photographer at a destination weddingMany
times the resort will have their own wedding photographer that they
will recommend for your wedding photos.  Like all lines of work, there
are good and bad photographers.   Ask to see some samples of the
photographer the resort is recommending.   You may need to have your
family and friends take some extra pictures of your wedding day, just in
case.  If you must have a photographer you trust completely, you may
need to bring one with you.  I have had clients fly their photographer
and videographer down with them, so that they will have perfect pictures
and video.   In general, I have seen great photos from my clients who
used the resort photographer, and I have seen great photos from
photographers that have been brought in.   

8. Give Your Attendees Reason to Explore

riviera Maya excursionsWhen
people are traveling all that way, they should get out and do a fun
excursion in the area and do some site seeing.  There are certain
countries and areas where you want to be a part of an organized tour
group, because they are licensed, insured, and offer the most safe and
usually fun experience.  If you organize an activity to do together, you
should either pay for your group, or help pay for it.  You can send
your guest’s website links for things to do in the area, to help get
them excited for their getaway. 

9.  Lighten Your Load:

stress free destination weddingThere
is great satisfaction in being able to plan and pull off your own
destination wedding, but is it worth all of the organization, phone
calls, websites, and amount s of time and stress on your end?  I don’t 
know about you, but I don’t go to a friend to get my teeth cleaned, (my
dentist is very nice), I don’t ask the Sephora  make -up specialist to
help me with the brakes on my car, (she could make them look prettier,
but probably not going to stop the car any better).  There are so many
great destination wedding designers out there that can help you design
and pick a great wedding package, perfect resort, and arrange an
incredible group rate, along with travel arrangements for you, for not
much more money than it would cost you to do on your own.  

10.  Go With The Flow:

bride at destination weddingAs
I mentioned before, a destination wedding has a more care free
atmosphere to it!   Hopefully all of the planning and attention to
detail will make your special day go on without a hitch.  Every so
often, as with any wedding, there can be things that don’t always go as
planned;   maybe the floral arrangement looks a little different than
you thought, the wedding cake is not the right one you picked, or the
minister mispronounces you names.   Even if it were to rain, (there is
always a plan B for that by the way), try to go with it and have fun. 
Everyone will be watching you and how you react to everything.  If you
decide to laugh and shrug it off, when things don’t go as planned,
everyone else will do the same, and you will have a fun and relaxing
time, no matter what.  


Need Some Help With Your Planning?

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