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Newlyweds   6 September, 2011   Uncategorized    Post Comment
I'm not really a "whimsical" type of person but man do I get inspired when I see a whimsical wedding! It makes me want to throw away all my classical elegant theme ideas and go for something Anyways, I was looking at Bridal Guides "Real Weddings" section (I love reading/seeing other peoples weddings) and found this great wedding.



Step 1 in a Whimsical Wedding: Setting the tone, check out these awesome tree themed invites...and I think they made them themselves.  I would never...repeat never ever be able to pull this off, I'm so un-creative it's not even funny!


Ok so after finding their escort card on the tree, guests found their tables by checking the time, each table had a clock face in the center with a time representing the table number.  Then the brides mom made easles out of old vintage forks. ----This must just be one creative family, love the vintage fork idea kudos to you mom!

A butterfly cake topper with string dolls!? So I guess there is actually a company who made these, if my wedding wasn't going to be so traditional I would totally be perusing the internet looking for this company! How cute would Trever and Chelsea dolls be?


For favors each guest received a mason jar with either drink packet or a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey---they were lucky enough to have a family friend who donated a 20 year collection of mason jars....I'm sure a load off of them and a great addition to this fun whimsical wedding! 
Newlyweds   12 May, 2011   Advice to you, with LovE    1 comments Post Comment
So, tomorrow I am having my first BOY dinner party here at the apartment for dinner, drinks and a little ridiculousness, I’m sure. I’m looking forward to it, but also admittedly very nervous.
Not that I have any concerns over the guys that are coming, they’re two of Matty’s best friends and I really love them so much (Hi Mike, Hi Adam!!). It’s just that we live in a teeny tiny studio apartment, and I haven’t yet mastered this thing called…cooking.
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Matty is allergic to SUGAR. And that’s ALL sugars INCLUDING Sucralose, better known as Splenda. No, he’s not diabetic – he’s actually allergic. That means no fruit (except lemons, limes and avocados), very few vegetables (celery, cucumbers, radishes, olives, and leafy greens). Nothing preserved or cured. Many breads also have sugars, so no bread crumbs, unless they’re homemade from the one or two breads that he’s allowed – and really, whose got the time for homemade bread crumbs?!
So talk about a tough allergy for a novice cook to work around. Every menu I find in cookbooks or online needs to be altered in one way or another. And I just don’t have that instinct. Not to mention that this sugar-free meal has to taste good to everyone, not just my husband, whose favorite flavor is plain.

But here’s what I’m going to attempt:
Appetizer: Green salad with Good Seasons semi-homemade vinaigrette dressing  - Matty’s salad will have to be separate, since there is sugar in the Good Seasons package.
*I’d just like to interrupt myself here to say that if you currently have a registry out there – register or ask someone to get you the Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix and Cruet (it’s the bottle that the dressing is made in). It’s the tastiest dressing I’ve EVER had and the steps are simple – even for me!!
Main Course: Pot roast over egg noodles with a side of green beans and toasted almonds - The pot roast is being cooked in the crock pot, and although this seems easy, I have screwed up crock pot meals before…so there’s a little drama to stir up into the pot as well. The noodles, well…if I can’t make noodles then I should just stop trying right now.  And the green beans with almonds I’ve actually made this a few times before and its pretty good. Lots of butter, though, so not the healthiest side dish. Matty can’t have the green beans, so I’ll probably make him some spinach or something else leafy and green.
Dessert:  Brownies, because, well – they’re MY favorite. And don’t I deserve a little compensation for my kitchen slave labor? Matt will happily enjoy is sugar-free ice pops, which are a little less fancy, but no less tasty (at least that’s what I’ll be telling him)
Have any of you ladies struggled with cooking or hosting dinner parties?  Been worried about bringing guests into your small living quarters?

Let me know how you dealt with it – this time, I guess I’m the one who needs the advice.

Newlyweds   15 February, 2011   Uncategorized    1 comments Post Comment
Evening Brides and Grooms! 

So much has been going on in the world of Blushing Bride with Bridal conventions and weddings galore!  I'm positive that if Blushing Brides world is busy that your wedding planning is buzzing along with great progress. Many engaged couples often don't realize that there is tremendous value in taking a few hours to visit a bridal convention. Every city has them most several times throughout the year. Bridal conventions are a great resource to help you along with your wedding planning you can get so many fantastic ideas and even make contacts with some great people to help you along your way. 

Bridal conventions offer a variety of options everything from teeth whitening yes I know but they really have teeth whitening. There's also an array of vendors to choose from that offer a different services everything from catering, registering for china patterns, wedding dresses, photography, floral arrangements and so much more. Bridal conventions place so much at your fingertips that really make your wedding planning a little easier. 

So grab your bride or groom to be and anyone else in your wedding party you want to take with you and find a local bridal convention take a few hours and check out all of the amazing things that are being offered in your area. This really is a great way to help you get ideas or even make those last minute decisions you are still unsure of. 

Until next time Smile and remember everyone loves a Blushing Bride.  
Newlyweds   18 January, 2011   Advice to you, with LovE    Post Comment
So, today an incredible rage came over me as I heard someone make a comment about an acquaintance's wedding picture.
 "I cannot believe she decided on a Renaissance theme for her wedding. That's so weird."
At its core, a wedding day is about joining the lives of two individuals in love. The next layer involves themes and colors and locations and ideas, religion or non-denomination, long dresses or short.
Choices. Decisions.
But whose? All together now - "THE BRIDE AND GROOM"
Yes, solicited (and sometimes unsolicited) advice should be respectfully heard and considered, but in the end it comes down to who?? That's right, THE BRIDE AND GROOM.
I feel about my wedding the way I feel about my life - why go through it unnoticed? Why restrain what you want and desire on one of the most important days of your life, just because someone might think it's "weird".
I for one got married on the beach instead of in a Church - which was a BIG issue for my mother-in-law. It was a personal choice, and something that I have always wanted. I discussed it with my husband, as he attended Catholic School all his life, and he was fine with the beach. He thought it was cool, and quite frankly, it didn't phase him too much where we were. Plus he knew it meant the world to me, so why not. I knew it might hurt and upset some people, and there would be others who just wouldn't understand. But for Matty and me, it was the only place we wanted to become husband and wife. And it was BEAUTIFUL!

My favorite color combination is hot pink and neon green - "watermelon" and "kiwi" if you will. I had 9 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen, all of whom said "HOT PINK???" Too bad, friends - that is my favorite combination and it was my day. And, by no surprise (to me) the short, strapless, hot pink dresses with the green sashes and pink vests/ties looked UNBELIEVABLE.


There are plenty more situations where I walked off the But my point is this - your day, your way. Love yourself and your soon-to-be enough to allow yourself to make your own decisions. Everyone will still love you, and will respect you for being who you truly are.
And for my friend who went all Medieval - GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL! You looked RADIANT!
Til' next time,
Your happily wedded wife,
Adina Marie :)
Newlyweds   12 January, 2011   Advice to you, with LovE    4 comments Post Comment
So.. your engagement ring. Beautiful, Amazing... not what you expected?
Not what you thought it would look like? The hubby didn't do a great job?
Okay, maybe your one of the brides who would love ANYTHING your husband picked out to give you as a symbol of his forever love. GOOD FOR YOU.
I am not one of those girls. So much so that I had to be fully involved in the choosing process.
And even though I was there every step of the way...there were still MAJOR problems with the ring.
So what do you do when there is a problem with the ring?
Be honest with the jeweler. Explain the situation - why you don't like the ring, what you want to change, and of course, what the $$ difference looks like. If you do your best to be calm, cool, and collected (I know what you're thinking, I'M ENGAGED AND I HATE MY RING!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE CALM?), you will have what you want before you can say, "look at my gorrrrgeous rock!"
As always, here's my story - because I never want you to feel alone in any bumps in the planning road.
Early in 2008, I told Matt that I made an appointment with my boss' jeweler in NYC (Yes, I am type A personality, thank you). Everything was going great, I had some specifics - I wanted white gold and pink gold, a princess cut diamond (which we had previously purchased) and something completely different - not the typical setting, you know?
Things were going great. Even when Matt proposed, and he put my creation on my finger, i LOVED it. But then...the diamonds in the band started falling out. Not one, not two, but FOUR diamonds fell out. We brought it back to the jeweler time and time again, paying money each time to have the small diamonds replaced (nothing too expensive, $25 each time)...but we also had to pay for train tickets to get into NYC, and then subway to get to the it added up fast.
About 4 months before the wedding, another diamond fell out. We went to the jeweler and explained that my ring was broken more often than it was fixed. I spent my entire engagement either without the ring because it was being fixed, or flawed. So they decided to remake the ring in a different way, so the metal would hold in the diamonds.
Great, right? WRONG!
After another 2 months of not having an engagement ring to wear, Matt went into NYC to pick up the new creation and thought it was great. This was the same day we were going to get our marriage license and I had my first dress fitting. It was going to be a great day!!

We met at Town Hall in Hempstead, NY, walked into the building and were waiting to be called to get our license. Matt pulled out the ring, opened the box, and I started to cry. These were NOT tears of joy. The ring was HIDEOUS!! Disgusting. I HATED it so much. And the wedding was less than 2 months away!
So I held back my tears so I could go through the license process, went out to dinner with Matt, our moms and his grandma, and then drove out to Patchogue for my dress fitting.

The next day, I was inside another local jewelry store, explaining the entire story to them.
And what did I end up with (a week before the wedding, I might add)? A typical, white gold, diamond setting and matching band. Something that I have seen in jewelry cases for years, have seen on other brides wedding ring fingers, and thought was pretty but "just not me."

And you know what? I couldn't be happier.
(Here's Matt, slipping on that beautiful ring I never knew I always wanted)
So stay positive, ladies, oddly enough, everything really does work out for the best.
Til' next time,
Your Happily Wedded Wife -
Adina Marie :)

Newlyweds   12 January, 2011   Uncategorized    1 comments Post Comment
Buenos Dias Brides and Grooms! 

Its been a while since my last post I hope that everyone had a safe Happy Holiday and New Year. Over the holiday I went dress hunting with a friend that is getting married. Which brought up a few things that I wanted to talk about when it comes to hunting for the Perfect Dress. Searching for the right dress is often exciting and trying at the same time. The thrill of hunting for the perfect dress is often outweighed by the need to make a decision. Yes I know you laughing saying well of course a decision must be made but there are so many questions that must be answered first What color? Do I want embellishments? What Style... Well here are a few quick tips to help you narrow down your choices or at least to make it a smidge easier to choose. 

1. Try on an array of dresses at least 10 to 15 I know it seems like a ton of dresses but I guarantee there will be one dress specifically that you try on that will be calling your name over and over. The important thing about trying many dresses in different styles and colors on is that it allows you to see yourself in an array and make the best choice based on that. 

2. Have an idea of what your looking for when you go to your appointment this will help to narrow your search down a bit. Also have a color scheme in mind that your looking for because you can often knock out two things on the list your dress and your Brides maids at the same time. 

3. Make the choice yourself! This is the most important decision you will make regarding your wedding. I know you will take Mom, Sisters best friends and anyone else who would like to come but at the end of the day your decision is what matters most their opinions are nice to have and always welcome but make sure your choosing your dress for you and not everyone else. No regrets on the big day!!

4. Shop around there are many different places to shop for Wedding gowns so make sure that you check them all out you would be surprised at the different styles that vary from store to store and more often than not you can find a better deal by shopping around looking at many different local shops as well as the large chains. 

Dress shopping can be stressful so remember to take your time and make several appointments try on many different styles and colors to help you make your decision. Once you have your dress everything else will fall into place and before you know it the big day will be here! 

Until next time Smile and remember everyone loves a Blushing Bride! 
Newlyweds   8 January, 2011   Uncategorized    Post Comment
So I gave in last night and watched the movie ("The book of Eli") it was actually pretty good, and Denzel being in the movie had nothing to do with me giving in. I just couldn't bring myself to disappoint my hubby last night. He really wasn't going to watch the movie without me. I still can't figure out where this is coming from but oh well. When I got home he was too excited about his new toy. He couldn't help telling me and the boys all about it. I was barely paying attention because waiting for me when I arrived home was my new shoes from Coach's spring collection. And like I always say all good things come in a Coach box :-). Anyway, while I completely don't get the fascination with these new DVD players I did play along because he was so excited. I guess the DVD player was to him what new shoes are to me. I made my decision I could either be hard and say "I am really not into watching a movie tonight honey" but I didn't. I let him have his moment, I sucked it up and watched the movie. I know it probably seems trivial but you'll discovered sometimes you just have to give a little.
Newlyweds   7 January, 2011   Uncategorized    Post Comment
So I am at work today and my husbands calls me to tell me he bought a new toy, A Blu-ray player. "great honey, are you trying it out" No he says it's no fun watching movies by yourself he answers. It made think. "Since when?" Now we have only been married and living together three years. He didn't wait until I came over or vice versa to watch a movie. So why now? We don't have to do all things together do we? Well no we don't and I am not going to start down this road with him. Those little things that you've always done you can continue to do. He should enjoy his movie like he use to.
Newlyweds   6 January, 2011   Creative Wedding Ideas & Post Wedding Suggestions    1 comments Post Comment
So it's your big day and your just focused on getting yourself ready and making sure your wedding party is looking great. However, have you stopped to think about your venue? How does it look? When you walk in, are you going to be amazed or disappointed that they didn't get the lighting quite right... I recommend to all brides on their wedding day, to sneak away for just 5 minutes to go and check out the venue before it's time to party... that way you can make minor adjustments to the lighting, flowers, tables etc. before it's too late.
Trust me, you want to be DAZZLED on your big day, not regretting that you didn't' take that extra few minutes to get it right.
Sometimes, wives need their husbands support when shopping. There are several times when women go shopping alone and they need to make some big decisions. At times like that, women are left to make these decisions on their own and they really need their man by their side to help decide.
Many times, women feel that they are doing a great thing only to find out that their husband or spouse become angry. I recommend women inviting their husbands out to shop when they have these important things to do and on the flip side, I recommend husbands agreeing and coming along instead of leaving all of the big decisions to the women and then getting angry later. True, many men despise shopping however in a relationship, there is always give and take.
Eventually, you and your spouse will love shopping together and it's just one more thing that you can do together and enjoy. I mean hey, if we are going to spend the rest of our lives with someone, shouldn't we enjoy doing everyday things with that person?
My favorite thing to do with my husband, besides some of the obvious things, is to make dinner together and I'm not talking about Hamburger Helper, I mean REALLY make dinner.
Since Nick and I have been together, we've shared the same passion for cooking that we do for each other. Nick is a master salad maker and cocktail genius and I am a master at everything else.
Honestly, one of the best things you can do with your spouse is share a meal together and what better to share than a meal that both of you really created with each other. In my opinion, there is nothing more fun, bonding or intimate.
If cooking is not your expertise, I suggest trying it out sometime... if you need inspiration or some direction, you can check out my site that I've created for non-professional chef's who just want to have fun in the kitchen and be sexy. Trust me, your husband will love it and so will your marriage!
Join my Face book Fan Page: The Sexy Chef Liz
Check out these amazing recipes on my BLOG  
Let me know what you and your husband or fiance think!
Check out this video my husband Nick and I made for Pyrex, we got to the finals as AMERICAS HOTTEST CULINARY COUPLE! Try this recipe, it's amazing and so fun to make as a couple!

Newlyweds   14 December, 2010   HOW TO...    1 comments Post Comment
I am a self-proclaimed writer. I love to write. It's my thing. I also love to talk. And I love weddings. Last but not least,  I, of course love my husband. But my husband HATES to write. And he doesn't talk much. And weddings, as I'm sure you could guess, are not really his favorite thing.


So, when Matt and I announced... I mean... when I announced that we were going to write our own vows, everyone pointed at Matt and laughed, and wished him good luck.


And when our wedding ceremony came, under the beautiful August sunshine, with the waves crashing practically right at our feet, my amplified vows were exactly what everyone expected... grammatically correct and interesting, all the while keeping with its central theme...everything a well written piece should be. Eloquent from the first word to the last. And I was proud.


Matt, however, was terrified of the moment he had to speak his homemade vows. He actually told me a few days before the wedding, that he wouldn't be nervous at ALL if I didn't make him write the "stupid vows."  But I knew he would pull it off, because, well, he always does.


So there he was, under that summer sun, with the pastor holding a microphone up to his mouth. Our guests were on the edge of their seats, eager to see how the heck Matt would pull this off.


Well, his sentences were unfinished and disjointed.  He was shaking like a leaf and you heard it in every word he spoke.


But there was not a dry eye in the crowd - including mine. He did not write from a textbook, but from his heart. He told me he loved me, that I was his best friend and true love. He promised to encourage me when I was down, to laugh and cry with me, and always fill my heart with the love I deserve. 


Because, sometimes, the best writing is not choosing "well" verses "good", or displaying the correct "their" "there" or "they're". Sometimes it's about putting what's in your heart down on paper.


And trust me, it's easier than you think.


So give it a try. I promise you will be as proud of yourselves and your husbands as I am of Matt and myself.


Anyone currently in the process of writing their own vows? Send them my way! I'd love to see how your love spells out.



Your happily wedded wife,
Adina :)
Newlyweds   5 December, 2010   Uncategorized    Post Comment
Buenos Dias Brides and Grooms!
Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great Holiday last week. Which brings me to the topic of today's discussion Theme's!! I LOVE themes and choosing the right one for you and your partner is imparative. Themes come in many different forms from floral to beach even specialty themes. So how do you choose what is right for you? Well that is the magical question. There are several things you must consider when choosing the theme for your wedding I have listed a few of them below to make it somewhat less stressful when choosing your theme.
Before sitting down with your partner to discuss what theme will work for your celebration here are a few steps to make it just a little easier.
* Make a list of themes
* Have a few ideas for each theme (flowers, decorations, invitations, etc..)
* Put together a sample budget for each theme
* Sometimes its helpful to have pictures from magazines etc.. something visual to use as an example

When choosing the theme for your wedding it is one of the first tasks a bride and groom will complete and can often take the longest to decide on. When your on a tight timeline and trying to be efficient time might not be a luxury you can afford. Follow these few steps (which do require some preperation) but in the long run will save you a ton of time and put you one step closer to your dream wedding!
Happy Theme Hunting!!
Until next time Smile and remember everyone loves a Blushing Bride!
Newlyweds   2 December, 2010   Advice to you, with LovE    Post Comment
So, I'm having trouble posting pictures to my blogs and with the font/colors and formatting. Anyone else?


Sorry I haven't been able to show you pictures of Jackie's wishing well - as soon as I fix the issue, I'll be happy to showcase my masterpiece :)


Moving on......Invitations.


One of the MOST stressful steps to "I do". But also one of the most fun. If I could do it all over again, there are a few simple things I would do differently. Luckily for you, if you haven't already tackled your invitations, you can learn from my missteps.

For starters, there is SO much more to think about then you originally plan on.


What color? Well, when I asked for white, the most simple color - its not even a color, really, just a blank slate, the wedding planner said, "Well do you want ivory, pearl, cream, off-white, ecru..." Umm.. How about white?


I wanted a script-ish font. Simple right? NOPE! Serif, sans-serif, italics...What do the important letters look like ("A" for Adina, "M" for Matt, "A" for Agliano, "P" for Perullo...just to name a few).


I wanted pocketfolds. Great. I made one huge decision on my own. But wait.. Portrait or landscape? Where should the pockets go, on the side, underneath or above?


Did I want inner and outer envelopes?


What about the hotel information?


Before I knew it, this calm, cool and collected B2B was completely in over her head.


So here are a few basic guidelines that I learned from my experience, even some details of where I went wrong. 


       The wording on your invitation informs your guest of more than the date and the time…it also clues them in on the formality of your event. So choose your wording wisely.


       My mistake – I was so engulfed in the fact that I was having my dream beach wedding, that I wanted the entire invitation to SCREAM ‘beach’. Unfortunately, due to the phrase “Beachside reception immediately following”, my guests were under the impression that the wedding was out on the SAND, instead of in a beautiful mansion on the water NEAR the sand.


       More about the wording – Although etiquette will tell you otherwise, sometimes it’s not about whose paying for the wedding. Etiquette will tell you that those responsible for footing the wedding bill should be listed on the invitation. If just the Bride’s parents, then Mr. & Mrs. SoAndSo invite you to the wedding of their daughter…etc. If both parents, list both sets of names at the top. If the couple is shelling out all the money, only their names are listed. Well, yes. This is a good basic guide to follow. But sometimes, etiquette is not what’s best. Sometimes, you need to know the people you’re dealing with.


      My situation – Matty and I decided that since we were going with the beach theme, we wanted our wording to be different. And since I wrote EVERYTHING that had to do with the wedding, I decided to keep with that and put a quote at the top, our names in the middle, and invite our guests to share with us “the sun, the sea and the memories of our wedding”. My parents were okay with that, as we were never a ‘by the rules’ family, and they knew that there was no disrespect.


Matty’s parents were different. They believed that not including them on the invitation was a direct act of disrespect. This was one battle that Matty and I couldn’t just let go of. We fought tooth and nail to try and explain that it had nothing to do with money, it had nothing to do with disrespect – we just wanted it worded differently, and we wanted to feel proud of the hard work we put into OUR wedding. I’ll say it again…OUR wedding. After weeks of extreme awkwardness, I decided that we compromise. COMPROMISE. It’s what keeps the wedding on track and keeps marriages together.


Our compromise was listing “Blessings given by…” and listed both sets of parents…at the very bottom of the invite…in very small font. But, it was on there, and it cooled everyone off. This is still a matter that we disagree on, but it is in the past, and everyone felt comfortable with the end result


       If you have the ability to splurge a little, Calligraphered envelopes make a BIG difference.


       My story – I just wanted the best. I didn’t have money for the best, so I decided I would save in some areas and splurge in others. And for some reason, Calligraphered envelopes meant a lot to me. I felt that it set the tone – getting a piece of mail that was hand calligraphered means that you are opening something special, something one-of-a-kind. And let me tell you ALL the feedback we got on from so many different people. Even one of Matty’s friends, who would have been just as satisfied with a text message as he was with a formal invitation, said that the calligraphy was "really awesome and made him feel special."


       Don't send the invites out too early, but leave yourself enough time to reach out to those non-responders - because TRUST ME, you will have them.


       I sent my invitations out 6 weeks early, and for me, it was perfect timing. I did, however, have 20-30 non-responders that I had to track down (or have my family track down for me) way after the RSVP date.  The day of the wedding, I still had about 5 people not respond. I was lucky enough to not have to give my final count until the day before, so those 5 people were not going to have a seat. If they showed up, we would have found a place for them, but it would have been made VERY clear that it was an inconvenience.


      Be prepared for EXTRA POSTAGE COSTS! It is a very rare occasion that your cards will cost $0.44.


       Anything outside the normal shape of a greeting card - this includes square, even if it is small - WILL COST EXTRA. Add that to weight, which increases massively if you have an inner and outer envelope and/or heavy card stock. I would suggest making up an invitation EXACTLY how you want to mail it out to your prospective guests. Bring it to the post office and have it weighed, to find out the exact price per invite. And then mail it to yourself. It may seem like a silly waste of money, but trust me - it's worth it. You'll get to see how long it takes to arrive and in what condition it arrives in. Maybe you need to close your envelopes better or stick your address labels on a little better. Or maybe, hopefully, it will come back perfect. Either way, it's always better to deal with one problem than over 100.


My last suggestion is to keep your guests addresses in a safe place. If you are going to be sending out holiday cards as a new married couple, a great piece of advice I received was to send one card to each family you invited to your wedding. Then, only send cards to those who send you one back.


You may not want to send out so many holiday cards, but it is a great starting point when your first December strolls around and you have no idea who to send to.


Furthermore, if your wedding is a few months before the holidays, don't be afraid to plan ahead to wear Santa hats, or bring some sort of holiday prop, and ask your photographer to take a holiday picture. You could easily choose that picture and combine your holiday card and your thank you card.


Ohhh, how I wish I would have thought of this a few months ago, as I now have paid double postage less than 3 weeks apart.


Well, ladies. That's it for now. Like I said, when I can post pictures again, I will. I hope this has helped you move forward with invitation process with some gumption:). I look forward to hearing about how it goes for you!


Your happily wedded wife,


Adina Marie :)

 p.s. I really write WAY too much, don't I?? :)

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Buenos Dias Brides and Grooms!
Hope you are enjoying your Beautiful Sunday Morning! I know your reading the title Beauty and the Beast and thinking really what is that about. Well in reality I let my husband title the post this week and he honestly has a point. Flowers are the pivotal point in a wedding they add so much elegance and beauty to a wedding but finding the right type of arrangement and cost are quite often the beast. Today were going to take a look at silk and natural flowers where to find them and how to not break your budget.
The beauty and fragrance of natural flowers are always stunning and amazing to see at any event but a wedding with amazing floral arrangements is both breath taking and magical. I know your asking your self how do I get the magical elegance of natural flowers without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to remember when looking for the Perfect Florist for your wedding. 1)Have several different flowers in mind some couples choose more than one type of flower like Roses and Hydrangea's and others choose a single flower like Calla Lilies. 2) Have an amount in mind on what your looking to spend on flowers. Affordability really depends on the arrangement you choose however its important to shop around different local florists to find the one that meets your needs.
Many couples choose Silk flowers for a number of different reasons one is durability because they will last a lifetime the other is budget they are reasonably priced and are a great way to get the flowers you want affordably. Now if your like me when you heard silk flowers you were thinking really those don't look real. Well your thinking of the silk flowers from back in the day when we were kids and your grandmother had some on the coffee table that were plastic and looked well plastic. Great news modern technology is amazing and there are many places to get silk flowers that are just as amazing as natural flowers. Here are a few tips to finding the silk flowers of your dreams. 1) You can visit any of your local crafting stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michael's and if your crafty you can choose to put the arrangements together yourself or they can put them together for you. 2) The Internet is a magical thing it makes planning your wedding so easy with websites such as Wedspace at your fingertips! One of the floral websites that I use frequently for silk flowers is they have an amazing selection and bouquets are already put together for you and they are incredibly affordable. One note when your ordering on line from any vendor (silk bouquets) buy a few extra because sometimes they run small and you can put several together to make them bigger. Also don't be afraid to get creative dress them up with some ribbon make it your own.
No matter which way you go whether it be natural flowers or silk just remember to decide on the Perfect Floral Arrangements for you and your partner.
Until next time remember to Smile everyone loves a Blushing Bride!
Newlyweds   16 November, 2010   Creative Wedding Ideas & Post Wedding Suggestions    Post Comment
Attending bridal shows and events while planning your wedding is probably something that most brides will do. While at those events, brides get a chance to view and sample different vendors in hopes that they will find the "perfect" vendors to have at their wedding.
I remember always seeing the "bridal bouquet preservation" vendor... I always thought, "wow, I will never do that."
Well, after I saw how gorgeous my bridal bouquet was, I quickly called a few bouquet preservers and made my appointment.
Al thought I was certain at that moment that that was what I wanted to do, I can assure you that it's NOT all it's cracked up to be.
First, it took them about 6 months to actually FINISH my bouquet. When I first dropped it off, they told me it would take about 3 months... yeah right.
Next, they encouraged me to select a "frame" or something to display my preserved bouquet in. I started asking about pricing and trust me, it started at 500 and up. There is NO WAY that I was paying that much after I just spent my life savings on my wedding!
Lastly, once I got my bouquet back, it did not look amazing. There was virtually no more color and it was just very dark and dull. My husband said, "that's it????"
Now, while I was waiting for those months to get my bouquet back, I was also drying out a few of my bridal parties bouquets since they were very beautiful. I can honestly say that not only did that cost me NOTHING but they turned out SO MUCH BETTER! I literally hung them upside down for 3 months and they were never better. The colors were kept in tact and they literally stayed perfect.
So, needless to say, when I got my bouquet back, I was less than impressed.
My recommendation, either do it yourself or don't do it at all. Make sure your photographer gets some fabulous shots of your bouquet and call it a day. It's not worth the 300 bucks to get it preserved... trust me.
What I paid for....
What I dried myself... I personally think this one is MUCH better...

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