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 Upgrading A Classic: Couture Bridal Fashion in 2009-2010

Upgrading A Classic: Couture Bridal Fashion in 2009-2010

Let’s face it; the 21st century is here and although we all love classic wedding dress styles (they make our hearts melt and remind us of the 50 year stretch of marriage our grandparents made it through) sometimes it’s time for a change. The gowns at bridal couture boutiques located all over the country offer the traditional wedding gown your grandmother wore, but with an added extravagance and uniqueness.

Recent trends seen in wedding dress fashions in 2009 and 2010 include:


  • Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles
  • Sweetheart necks
  • Mermaid skirts
  • Floral prints
  • Long bridal veils
  • Longer trains

Brides who are a bit risqué can be seen wearing bridal gowns that are any color but white. These styles and trends have been incorporated into classic designs allowing dresses to stay ever so elegant yet sexy.

Celeb Couture

Celebrity brides this summer showed off many of these dress trends; the most popular being the sweetheart neckline. Newlyweds Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham tied the knot in Beverly Hills on August 1, according to

Durham shows off her slim figure in a long, flowy white dress embellished with silver gems.

Reality television stars Kendra Wilkinson and Hedi Montag both wore off the shoulder dresses with full skirts. Montag’s dress included ruffles while the train on Wilkinson’s couture gown trailed on for several feet. 

The Duchess herself, Fergie, from the band The Black Eyed Peas, wore a strapless, satin wedding dress with a mermaid bottom for her winter wedding. 


Couture Bridal Gown Designs

The classic styles worn by celebrities yesterday and today, such as the off the shoulder look or the satin, cupcake skirt, are still popular because of how they have evolved over the years. Designers have altered these simple styles into something more lavish and breathtakingly beautiful. Eve of Milady (whose work can be found at Bridal Reflections in New York City) embellishes gowns with embroidery, beading and floral prints. These details are added to layers upon layers of fabric making up the full skirts that give the bride that glamorous bell shape. 


Couture wedding gown designer Marina K also has a collection of her work available at Bridal Reflections. All of her dresses follow this year’s trends. She incorporates the ruffles, sweetheart necklines and the long skirts. However, there is one element to her gowns that make a bride truly stand out; Marina K’s dresses are not your typical white.


In fact, some of her gowns are red (fire engine red), lavender and the more subtle ivory. Although Marina K may stray from the norm when it comes to wedding gown colors (not all of her dresses are loud shades, many are the traditional white) the style of her dresses are chic and stunning.

Nicolette Couture Bridal Boutique in Morgan Hill, California offers custom designer bridal gowns. The boutique showcases bridal couture by designer Lee-Ann Belter whose styles are less extreme. 

Each dress in Belter’s 2009 collection has its own feminine name. For example, “Kate” and “Madison” are both strapless dresses that simply flair out. There are no big bells and there isn’t much embellishment. Although these wedding dresses don’t include an extraordinary amount of detail, the detail that is done is complex and unique. “Kate” has a ribbon around the waist while “Madison” has an embroidered sweetheart neck. Belter’s dresses may be simple, but they are still trendy, classic and beautiful.

San Patrick is another designer whose work can be found at the boutique in Morgan Hill. His 2009-2010 collection offers a wide selection of elaborate bridal couture dresses. The skirts of many of his dresses are layered with ruffles, while other satin gowns are gathered at the waist giving the bride a slimming silhouette. He takes a dress like Belter’s and adds the ruffles and the ankle length veils. San Patrick uses that extra pizzazz to put a slight spin on the classic wedding dress.
Modern Bridal Accessories

Veils and headpieces are the perfect timeless treasures that complete the look of a breathtakingly beautiful bride. Such accessories have been in style for ages and go hand in hand with wedding gown fashions. The veils, headpieces and accessories designed by Erin Cole are unique and elegant. Cole’s jewelry has an antique look but is anything but old fashioned.


The designer’s collaboration of timeless and modern artistry provides brides with classy and stylish looks. Brides to be can choose to wear a traditional veil or headpiece from Cole’s wide collection. The short veils and big headpieces are reminiscent of the hats women of another era wore for very special days. 

They are chic and sexy, and Cole makes sure to inject 21st century style into each head piece or veil keeping a bride’s look fresh, beautiful and modern.


For as long as there have been weddings, there have been brides wearing gorgeous gowns. Although times have changed and fashion has evolved over the years, there’s something about molding the older styles of bridal dresses with new embellishments that make the bride look one of a kind. Brides want to be connected with the women who came before them. Those women, whether they are aunts, mothers, sisters or grandmothers, helped a bride become who they are today.

Wearing a classic wedding dress with a unique spin on it is a bride’s way to pay tribute to a role model, while still fulfilling her own personal desires. The dresses found at couture bridal boutiques this year are elaborate and extravagant, but they never veer too far away from the classics. With this year’s newest wedding trends, these accents can make a traditional dress truly stand out from the rest. 

About the Author

Anthony Micari is the General Manager and an owner of Bridal Reflections, a premier New York bridal couture salon. With three boutiques specializing in exquisite designer wedding gowns, Mr. Micari has his finger on the pulse of the bridal fashion industry and the desires of the modern bride. For more information, visit the website  at, call (212) 764-3040 for the Manhattan salon, or contact the author at


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