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 Selecting A Beautiful Wedding Veil

Selecting A Beautiful Wedding Veil, by Wedding Solutions


By Alex & Elizabeth Lluch


When you go to choose a veil, you will want to keep a few factors in mind. First, you will want to remain consistent with the formality of your wedding. You want a veil that that fits in with your overall look, and does not over power it. Second, you need to think about how you want to wear your hair. You can choose a veil that you wear during the ceremony and then remove for your reception so you can showcase your hairstyle, or you can opt for a veil that you wear throughout the event, allowing your hair to simply support the veil. In addition, you will want to consider the religious requirements for your wedding. Different religions have different conventions when it comes to wearing a veil, so you need find out the appropriate veil etiquette for your religion. This overview provides descriptions of the various veil lengths, as well as the dress styles that they work the best with.



The blusher is a single layer veil that is worn over the face during the ceremony, and then flipped back over the head. The blusher can be worn alone, or along with one of the longer veils to provide a face covering during the ceremony, that can later be removed.



The elbow length veil connects from your headpiece and extends down to your elbows. This is a very common length of veil for more casual weddings since it provides the grace of a veil without overpowering the bride or the dress.



This veil extends down to your fingertips when your arms are hanging naturally. This is the most common veil length and can be worn with a majority of dresses, from sleek column slips, to elegant ball gowns.



This long veil flows from your headpiece down to your ankles. The waltz veil is a good option if you want to wear a long veil, and your dress does not have a train.



The chapel veil extends 2 ½ yards from the headpiece, flowing down over the train of your dress. This veil is best worn in more formal weddings as a way to complement the length of your train.



The cathedral veil is the most formal veil and is usually worn with a cathedral length train. This veil extends 3 ½ yards from the headpiece. Make sure if you opt for a cathedral veil that the rest of your gown is substantial enough to carry off this look.



This Spanish inspired veil drapes over the head, and is usually made of lace. The length of the mantilla can vary, and does not require a headpiece to keep it in place. This veil is a great way to add an ethnic flair to your look.



A double tier veil has two layers that extend to different lengths. This style can be used with any veil, including the blusher. Since a double tier veil usually has more volume than a single layer veil, make sure it fits with your overall look and does not distract from your dress.



The pouf veil has gathered material at the point where it connects to the headpiece, creating added volume. This style is perfect if you want to create a dramatic look with your veil. This style can also be used with many of the veil lengths and looks great as a double tier veil.




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