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 How to Prepare For Wedding Invitation? Let's Explore

A wedding invitation is a kind of formal letter for inviting the recipient to grace a wedding with his presence. Besides it is a formal invitation, still it is an important for the host of the wedding as it is what by which a gathering will going to estimate.

Normally, People love to invite their loved ones, relative and friends for grace an occasion where they can invite them informally, since an information required about venue & event to reach an attend that is why pre-printed formal letter came in trend.

Traditionally People do select wedding invitation in the shape of cards. There is numerous of variations of wedding invitation card available in the market with thousands of designs along with millions of colors.

As wedding invitation is a pre - marriage process, still it is a quite frantic process. It is important to furnish an invitation on time as it need to me deliver on time so-that guest will come to know each & every information about event on time. Get involved in the same process without having any experience very hectic, like selecting a wedding invitation, deciding the event details, printing process then a delivery come up. Since it is an anxious process, mistakes may have taken place, like printing mistakes, short estimation in guest list or a card shortage etc. etc.

We are love to share here some of the tricks which will help out an inexperienced person for the entire process of wedding invitation.

1.       Guest List: A very first task is to prepare a complete guest list so that the quantity of the wedding invitation will going to be estimate easily.

2.       Spare Quantity: We recommend here to make some buffer while buying wedding invitation. Means buy some extra quantity of cards as a spare so that will not get shorted in any case while some of the cards may have devastate  in printing  or there will be chances of addition of guest name in the guest list.

3.       Event Plan: Before going to a print it will be good if you can reconcile your event plan firmly, as it will be very much difficult to edit after printing. Event planning should be as much as information which will be easy to understand.

4.       Drafting content: After deciding the event plan, drafting content also important. Though there are plenty of ready made content and template available to select, still need a bit of draft.

5.       What should be content: Content of invitation need proper information about the occasion, host and venue. In case of wedding Host will be parents, in favor of a daughter or a son, Event will be obvious a marriage and Venue could be anywhere might be in residence or a party hall. Appropriate information about a program like timing of ceremonies, departure and dinner need to be clear along with timing.

6.       Selection of Invitation: After a final sketching of the Program, this is time when you need to come down in market for selecting an invitation. We suggest that invitation should be sober a nice in looks so that it will show your decorum. While selecting an invitation you should remember the cost point also as that will be part of your wedding budget.

7.             Print an Invitation: After selecting an invitation, an important process is to make it print, before going to be printed there is also small things need to be remembered, they are.

a.       Selection of reading writing style which will be readable for everyone, curvy or italic style of writing looks great but will not be readable by everyone so need to choice of writing style is also equally important.

b.      Color combination of printing is similarly important for the same consent  

c.       Proof reading: before going to final print it is an important task, so read the proof thoroughly as a single mistake will create lots of trouble.

d.      Checking Final Print: Even if you have done the proof reading earlier, still need to check the final print for avoiding any discrepancy.

8.             Distribution of Invitation: Finally need to distribute an invitation among the relatives as there is no such thing to share here , still we have some of the small tips which need to remember while distribution, they are as follows:

a.       Write a correct name of guest on the invitation while distribution

b.      Use with Family as it look courteous

May be you feel your task get done still something will be pending, on a part of courtesy Host normally distribute sweets as a token of love in shape of return gift. 

We have described above a kind of traditional approach for wedding invitation. From the past few years people have set a new trend for wedding invitation. Since wedding is a life time event of everyone’s life it is quite obvious that creativity take places each time for celebrating this auspicious occasion with its newest technique.

In the Modern time people love combinations, either it belongs to product of process. Here we explore the newest setup trend in wedding invitation. We all know people do spent money for this formal invitation. As we mention above traditionally they buy Cards for invitation and Distribute packets or boxes of sweets in shape of return gift. Here is option as a combination of process and product that is                                                    

·         What are Wedding Invitation Boxes?

Wedding Invitation Boxes are a type of packaging wedding invitation in shape of Boxes that are generally kind of Artistic, Decorative and fancy which contain Printed Wedding Invitation along with sweets or chocolates. It can be customize and design as per other gift items.

·         An Idea Come From

The idea came from the gift boxes which were traditionally used for seasonal gifts and promotion. These Fancy Boxes creatively implemented as Wedding Invitation which will work as a unique combination of product and process both.

As a combination of Product: We called it as a combination of Product, as it combines two products Invitation and Gift

Combination of Process:  It has not only shortened the activity of buying and printing, but also shortens the act of distribution that is why we called it a combination of Process. 

They are in trend as they are being widely appreciated by the masses. Now get to know why should we buy these boxes?

1.       Single line Process: For buying these kind two boxes there will be less to do in terms of marketing. A single line vendor will process all the activity.

2.       Affordable Options: As these are represented as Combo, thus price wise they will be quite affordable.

3.       Designs & Patterns: Like Cards these are also available in thousands of designs along with different variety of colors.

4.       Management Technique: Space handling is relatively hectic during the marriage event especially in terms of sweets for a gift. People who are willing to distribute sweets, dry-fruits or chocolate as a token of love in shape of return gift they need a space to keep them store till distribution. It may couple of weeks sometime. While in case of invitation boxes it will be distributed in advance. By this it not only solve the space issue but also save the money in terms of extra rental amount. Moreover things will be distributed before they are going to reach their expiry date.

5.       Durability: These boxes are more durable against traditional invitation card. Where nobody will   be interested to keep the invitation card with them after an event, there invitation boxes may be used further as a decorative item. Some of designs are so good people love to keep with them a show piece. 

People have myth about these kind of boxes that these are so much luxurious & beyond the reach, But they are totally wrong. Wedding invitation Boxes are available with a very affordable range which can be fit in your budget. The only difference which kind of stuff you are buying and from where.

As such there is no brand available for these products for fair pricing and quality, but still you can approach some of the manufacture directly. They are ready to give you delivery on a fair price as great quantity is involved.

We have discovered a kind of wholesaling brand for these kinds of products that is Regards. Regards is a gift customizing brand, who has made his debut in the year 2006. Although they have a specialization in manufacturing of artistic and fancy items like Trousseau, Decorative boxes, Dry fruits Boxes, Designer Photo Frames, Seasonal Fancy Auxiliaries for retail chains only, Still they are producing quality invitation boxes for End users also.

Besides Regards there are also so many local venders are available who can fulfill your requirements at budget price.

*      Things to Remember While Buying Invitation Boxes

1.       Always check the quality before selecting

2.       As these kinds of things look attractive and they are fancy too so price determination is very tough. Still you need to cross check price with quality.

3.       Do not be rash in terms of Finalization

4.       Always keep a buffer of time for delivery or rework.

5.       Cross check the delivery with Order Memo

We hope this will work for you and help out to make your event a memorable event in the rest of your life.*


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