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 Growing Styles in Men’s Jewelry: How will this New Trend Shape 2017

Today more than ever men are considering jewelry as a fashion statement. This sharp departure from the conventional wisdom that jewelry is only meant for women is making more men gravitate towards wearing it. This new found love for jewelry is also based on how they want their personalities to be reflected in a particular manner.

This growing concern with enhancing looks coupled with keeping up with the fashion has accented their style with jewelry. So the modern men around the world are readily experimenting with a variety of jewelry like earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and chains. This growing demand from men is the reason as to why the jewelry industry is innovating with new designs and accessories. These new attractive jewelry options were hardly available in the past.

Gold chains, diamond earrings, and pendants are the hottest fashion accessories on offer for men today. This growing style for men to flaunt their personalities with the help of jewelry is definitely going to bring new trends in 2017, which will create buzz for sure.

Rapidly Changing Perceptions

The fast changing lanes in the world of jewelry, which was till now women’s interest, is showing new horizons for males as well. Till recently wedding rings were the only accessory men felt comfortable in. Even some of the glamorous men did not look beyond bracelets, and in some cases, earrings. However, the norms seem to be shifting like never before. As far as wearing more exotic and attractive jewelry, the battle appears to have begun between the two sexes, so to speak. From magazines to televisions to film actors, mens jewelry & accessories are becoming so widespread and commonplace that markets are flooded with the latest models. The trend is so captivating that even women are paying a lot more attention to the men wearing impressive jewelry. They are even dating those men who flaunt cool jewelry accessories.

Popular Pendants and Hip Hop Jewelry

If we go by the rising trends, pendants have now days grown immensely popular among a lot of men. So, in the coming days, pendants seem to be introduced in a much wider range of designs. We can notice that film stars these days are flaunting a rich variety of pendants with exotic models. The next revolutionary accessory that has attracted everybody’s attention for quite some time now is Hip Hop jewelry. Just like hip hop music became a rage in the 1990s, the hip hop jewelry has also spurred a passion for the urban culture towards men’s jewelry. The instant and continued success of this fashion style is certainly going to be a significant trend for the next few years. The deep penchant for this genre of jewelry is also based on the opulence and status of the hip hop artists as well as their swagger.  

Greater Variety of Bracelets

The traditional confines have long gone for men as they have gone past their choices of wearing only watches and cufflinks on wrists. So, bracelets have become the new means of personal expression. This new passion is quite evident from the piled up wrists, and this comfort level of these men has found its way to the mainstream. The rock and roll era started off with heavy bracelets for men and eventually they were replaced by thin bands made up of gold and silver. Today, the trends show that the jewelry industry is offering a wide array of bracelets up for grabs for the enthusiasts. The promising potential demonstrated by bracelets suggests that they are going to be more successful in the days to come. The kind of attention that bracelets are getting, they quite clearly seem to be an extension of the style, personality, and passion. They come in various forms – leather bracelets, beaded bracelets, anchor bracelets, rope bracelets, gold bracelets and silver bracelets.

Growing Love for Diamonds and Gemstones

When it comes to the options that are available for men to buy diamonds and gemstones, every variety seems to lure them these days from rough to the highly polished ones. It doesn’t matter to them anymore whether the diamonds are refined or are little rough around the edges. It is the huge variety of designs of these precious stones that are attracting them and setting the trends. Besides, the plain yellow gold jewelry seems to be eye-catching when contracted with the gemstones and diamonds. In the same breadth when white gold is matched with shining black diamonds, it looks extremely attractive. These innovative and unusual contrasting trends will definitely go to one of the highlights in 2017.


For quite some time, men have been severely buying more jewelry and spending a considerable amount of time in selecting designs and contemplating to follow the trends. A drastic change has rocked their lives as far as jewelry is concerned because it has altered their fashion sense as well. On the other hand, the sophisticated brands are also considering coming up with a new line of jewelry designs for accommodating as many people as possible.  


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