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 Flowers to Beautify Your Reception Location

Flowers to Beautify Your Reception Location

Flowers add beauty, fragrance, and color to your reception. Flowers for the reception, like everything else, should fit your style and color scheme. Flowers can help transform a stark reception hall into a warm, inviting and colorful room.

Things To Consider: Consider renting indoor plants or small trees to give your reception a garden-like atmosphere. Decorate them with twinkle lights to achieve a magical effect.

Tips To Save Money: You can save money by taking flowers from the ceremony to the reception site for decorations. However, you must coordinate this move carefully to avoid having your guests arrive at an undecorated reception room. Use greenery rather than flowers to fill large areas. Trees and garlands of ivy can give a dramatic impact for little money. Use greenery and flowers from your garden. Have your reception outside in a beautiful garden or by the water, surrounded by nature's own beauty.

Price Range: $300 - $1,500


The head table is where the wedding party will sit during the reception. This important table should be decorated with a larger or more dramatic centerpiece than the guest tables.

Things To Consider: Consider using a different color or style of arrangement to set the head table apart from the other tables.

Beware: Avoid using highly fragrant flowers, such as narcissus, on tables where food is being served or eaten, as their fragrance may conflict with other aromas.

Tips To Save Money: Decorate the head table with the bridal and attendants' bouquets.

Price Range: $50 - $300


At a reception where guests are seated, a small flower arrangement may be placed on each table. Things To Consider: The arrangements should complement the table linens and the size of the table, and should be kept low enough so as not to hinder conversation among guests seated across from each other.

Beware: Avoid using highly fragrant flowers, like Narcissus, on tables where food is being served or eaten, as their fragrance may conflict with other aromas.

Tips To Save Money: To keep the cost down and for less formal receptions, use small potted flowering plants placed in white baskets, or consider using dried or silk arrangements that you can make yourself and give later as gifts. Or place a wreath of greenery entwined with colored ribbon in the center of each table. Use a different colored ribbon at each table and assign your guests to tables by ribbon color instead of number.

Price Range: $10 - $60


If buffet tables are used, have some type of floral arrangement on the tables to add color and beauty to your display of food.

Options: Whole fruits and bunches of berries offer a variety of design possibilities. Figs add a festive touch. Pineapples are a sign of hospitality. Vegetables offer an endless array of options to decorate with. Herbs are yet another option in decorating. A mixture of rosemary and mint combined with scented geraniums makes a very unique table decoration.

Things To Consider: Depending on the size of the table, place one or two arrangements at each side.

Beware: Avoid placing certain flowers, such as carnations, snapdragons, or the star of Bethlehem, next to buffet displays of fruits or vegetables, as they are extremely sensitive to the gasses emitted by these foods.

Price Range: $50 - $300


Put an assortment of greens or a small arrangement of flowers at the punch table. See "Buffet Table."

Price Range: $10 - $50


Put an assortment of greens or a small arrangement of flowers at the punch table. See "Buffet Table."

Price Range:
$10 - $50


Most florists charge a fee to deliver flowers to the ceremony and reception sites and to arrange them on site.

Things To Consider: Make sure your florist knows where your sites are and what time to arrive for set-up.

Price Range: $25 - $100


What is the name of the florist?
What is the address of the florist?
What is the name & phone number of my contact person?
How many years of professional floral experience do you have?
What percentage of your business is dedicated to weddings?
Do you have access to out-of-season flowers?
Will you visit my wedding sites to make floral recommendations?
Can you preserve my bridal bouquet?
Do you rent vases and candleholders?
Can you provide silk flowers?
What is your cost of a bridal bouquet made of a dozen white roses?
What is your cost of a boutonniere made of a single white rose?
What is your cost of a corsage made with two gardenias?
Do you have liability insurance? fee? Do you accept credit cards?
What are your delivery/set-up fees?
What is your payment/cancellation policy?
What are your business hours?



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