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 Five Skin Care Tips to Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

Five Skin Care Tips to Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

By Priceless Moments Bridal

Here are a few skin care tips for you.

1. Only use products that are free from harmful ingredients that may adversely affect your skin and your health. Become a label reader!

What do the following items have in common?
Motor oil
Mineral Oil
SD40 alcohol
Animal fat

If you answered, "one or more of these items are found in 98% of skin care products on the market in the USA today", you would be absolutely correct! When people tell me that all skin care products are alike, I say, "Well you are 98% correct about that!"

The primary reason these items are used in skin care is cost - they are very inexpensive.

Most skin care products contain one or more forms of petroleum based products - i.e. Vaseline, petrolatum, or mineral oil. Pennzoil (a petroleum product) car oil label reads "avoid excessive exposure to skin and caution, used motor oil is a possible skin cancer hazard based on animal data", yet most companies still use a form of petroleum in their skin care products.

If you put a prune in a jar of water, it will absorb the moisture, eventually plump, and all the wrinkles will be gone. If you put a prune in a jar of mineral oil, it will preserve the prune! So, if what you want to do is preserve your wrinkles, keep using mineral oil!

Put a sponge in a jar of mineral oil, soon it will "feel" very soft to the touch. But, cut open the sponge, and the inside of the sponge will feel all dry and wrinkled. When our skin "feels" soft, it could be masking a severe drying (aka AGING) effect underneath all of that mineral oil.

Massage some petrolatum (Vaseline) onto the back of your hand, and then spritz it with some water. Try to massage the water into the skin - you can't do it. The Vaseline acts as a barrier on your skin. It won't let anything in.

Most facial cleansing creams contain some form of Vaseline/mineral oil/petroleum. You clean your skin, it feels smooth, then you put on some moisturizer. Does the moisturizer penetrate the barrier of the mineral oil and become absorbed by your skin? NO. If the water couldn't make it through the barrier, your moisturizer won't either.

Acetone and SD40 alcohol. You buy these at the HARDWARE store. The label on a can of acetone reads: caution, "powerful solvent". The purpose of alcohol is to "dry" or "dehydrate" the area of application. Alcohol is extremely drying to the skin, and is found in many products designed for "oily skin". Alcohol dehydrates the skin, sending a message to your brain - send more oil! It's a vicious cycle of too much dryness, too much oil.

If you want to use these items on your skin, go to the hardware store to buy them, it will save you lots of money!

Animal fat is found in most soaps, lipsticks, blushers, eye shadows, and lipsticks. Lanolin is found in most body lotions. Lanolin is derived from sheep, technically, sheep sweat. It causes many skin allergies, and it leaves a residue on the skin that is not easily removed.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to using these harmful, aging ingredients - we can use skin care that is herbal and botanical based, free of harmful ingredients, safe, and reasonably priced - it's Arbonne, of course!

2. Eliminate bar soap from your home, use only pure cleansing gel.

Soap has been around since dirt. It is made from animal fat, lye, and wax. It leaves a residue that cannot be removed without using a "powerful solvent" (see alcohol, acetone above). When you get out of the shower, and you have used bar soap, you notice your shower covered with soap scum. Likewise, your skin is covered with soap scum as well.

Most soaps also contain alkaline. What other product also contains alkaline? Hair perms! And we all know how powerful hair perming solutions can be. When you use soap on your face, it could be said - you are perming your face!

3. Follow a simple skin care routine, formulated for your skin type - if it is too complicated, you won't do it!

Always apply skin care products to moistened skin - most high quality skin care products are highly concentrated, you only need a tiny bit to do the job!

A.M. - Cleanse, freshen, day time moisturizer (protects), eye cream
P.M. - Cleanse, freshen, night time moisturizer (repair), eye cream
Twice per week - masque (deep cleansing)
Twice per week - scrub (exfoliate)

Use only moisturizers specifically designed for the eye area - regular facial moisturizer may cause eye puffiness or dark circles. (Arbonne's Eye Cream with cucumber and Vitamin E)

For normal to dry skin you will need to use a "booster" under your moisturizer to achieve the fullest effect of hydration. Make the most of your moisturizer! (Arbonne's Bio-Hydria Natursomes)

4. Treat your skin from the inside as well as the outside.

Your skin needs lots of hydration - drink lots of water every day. Supply your skin with plenty of antioxidants to fight off all the free radicals that attack it every day - Vitamins A, C, and E, Green Tea and Grape Seed Extract. (Arbonne's Defense Builder Antioxidant supplement)

For acne prone skin, we recommend taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement designed for teens - it contains elements that contribute to a clear complexion. (Arbonne's Complete Essentials for Teens or Clear Advantage Skin support)

5. Use a Vitamin C product nightly, which can be applied topically to the skin for younger looking skin.

This is the hottest news in skin care! Vitamin C has shown incredible ability to protect and repair the skin. (Arbonne's 2 step recovery system, NutriMinC Night Serum and Night Cream - used as your night time moisturizer).


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