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 5 Important Fitting Checklist for the Perfect Bridal Experience
The Perfect Bride is not a myth. Brides are made perfect with careful planning and timely rechecks. Opposed to popular misconception, a flawless bridal experience is not even hard to pull off. There are millions of things which need to be planned for a wedding reception that certain primary articles are often overlooked. Ensure the fitting of following items to keep wedding disasters at a distance:
1- Bridal Dress

After selecting and resizing your wedding dress, your work is still not complete. You must recheck the size at least 2-3 weeks before the big day to avoid awkward aisle movement.

There are typically 3 fitting schedules you must assign, before the reception. Depending upon the gown a bride requires at least one fitting schedule. If you are planning to lose weight, it is recommended to set one meeting one week prior to marriage.

In the first fitting you need to decide the correct design, color, style and size. Keep reviewing how your seamstress is working on your dress and taking measurements. Move around and check the level of comfort your dress is offering. Double-check that your requested changes are being done on subsequent fitting sessions.

     2- Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is one of the most important piece of garment for the perfect wedding. Some brides opt to wear their lingerie underneath their dresses while some don up the attire after the reception. The important consideration is the level of comfort. Pay attention to the cup size in addition to the strap size for bra.

Start off with the basic question: what lingerie will match my dress. Bridal lingerie come in various shapes and sizes. Check the fitting 2-3 weeks before the day and get it adjusted if you’ve gained (or lost) some weight. An ill fitting piece can instantly kill the quality of your set. It will make you end up in scratching and fixing straps and laces in the middle of action.
3- Ring

A wedding band or ring engraves your love for an eternity. There is nothing like a perfect fit for a ring. For many people a good fit means a ring which is comfortable most of the times. Because of hormones and daily routines, there might come days when the ring is too tight or when it’s a little loose.

A professional ring sizing is important for wedding band. Don’t go intuitively for the last best fitting ring you purchased. Ring gets adjusted with the size of your finger. Check your size after lunch and before dinner. This is the time when most people’s fingers are at their largest stable size. A thin ring stretches a lot and a wide ring fit tight. Ask if a ring is easily re-sizeable before you make a purchase. Remember, eternity rings loose aesthetics and tension rings get deformed if refitted.

A classic bad hair day is the worst beauty bummer. You need to be prepared, very prepared for your wedding to set the aisle on the fire. Book your stylist 5-6 months ahead and have a hair trial 2 months prior to the wedding day. Do not hesitate and open up about the type of bridal hairdo you want for your special day.

On your trial, take a friend with you and click pictures to get feedback from others. Make sure to capture the look from every angle, the front, back, profile, side and above. 
5- Shoes

There is such wide variety of footwear for brides that it never easy to find the right pair. Moreover, after a careful wedding plan, it sets as a disaster on your special day when the shoes start to feel a bit off. Shoes are something which cannot be resized after the purchase. Ask the vendor if they allow exchange. Select at least 5 designs which will fit your wedding dress. Buy the best one a week or two before the wedding, when you go for the final fitting of your dress.

Decide if you want to dance on your day or not. Select the footwear considering the level of comfort. You have to wear it for the whole day. A round or open toed wedding shoe is recommended

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. From the perfect location to serene décor to the design of aisle, endless details go into making the perfect bridal experience. Make sure you have double checked the most important artifacts and their fitting before walking down the aisle.


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