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 15 Expert Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

The wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in each true woman’s life. It is not surprising, since virtually all women dream about happy family life. Therefore, it is quite natural for girls to be so nervous before this day. Wedding is some kind of a birthday for a new family; so, this day should be perfect. There is an entire industry serving to organize such great events, and many different agencies and private entrepreneurs help to make the day ideal. However, it is more interesting to do everything by yourself even if you have enough money to hire helpers.  

Tips to Plan Your Wedding Perfectly

So, if you decide to plan a perfect wedding by yourself, but have no experience and no ideas from what to start, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Plan this event in advance.

Time management is the alpha and omega of each planning, including wedding. Therefore, if you want to make this event perfect, you should have at least six months in reserve. This period will be enough for you to prepare every single detail.

  1. Define the budget.

The next point to think about is a budget. The wedding ceremony is considered a very romantic and lovely occasion, but you should not forget about such earthly things as money. A good piece of advice is to calculate all potential expenses and have at least 20% from this sum in reserve because all preparations usually cost a little bit more than initially planned.  

  1. Choose the place.

It is also important to think over the venue for this special event. It is nice to celebrate the birthday of your family in the native town. However, some couples prefer to plan a destination wedding if possible.  

  1. Learn the weather forecast.

A wedding ceremony is not a place for harsh weather and spoilt plans. Hence, we advise learning about it advance. Don’t forget to check the approximate weather forecast at least a month in advance, and then a week before a ceremony.  

  1. Make a guest list.

What is a wedding without guests? It is necessary to gather all relatives, friends, and other significant people together to celebrate this day to remember about it for a long time. Hence, to create a guest list is one of the first tasks to do. Don’t forget to send invitations to everybody!

  1. Choose the theme for your special day.

To make this day more interesting and bright, you may consider organizing the entire ceremony in a particular style. How about vintage or rural wedding, for example? Certainly, such unusual ideas will help to make a ceremony funnier.

  1. Opt bridesmaids.

A bridesmaid is an equally important symbol of the future ceremony as a bride herself. Therefore, it is necessary to choose only the best of your friends for the roles of bridesmaids. Moreover, it is important to define the style and color of their dresses in advance so that girls have enough time to find something appropriate to your needs and design vision.  

  1. Select best clothes.

A wedding dress for a bride and a tuxedo for a groom are integral parts of this event. Hence, it is essential to choose them properly. If you want to organize a thematic ceremony, create dresscode recommendations for your guests and warn everyone in advance for them to find proper apparel.

  1. Create a menu.

Such a beautiful day will be full of positive emotions and feelings. However, you cannot celebrate it well without food. So, try to create a menu at least a month before the celebration.

  1. Choose good music.

A man can’t live by bread alone; create an appropriate atmosphere for the celebration by making a playlist of your favorite music. Try to choose songs according to the general mood and theme of your ceremony. In addition, it is possible to hire a band if you have enough money for it and have some special musical style preferences.

  1. Make a funny entertainment program.

A birthday of a new family should not be boring; so, think of how to entertain all your guests in advance. A good way to do it is to hire a professional master of ceremonies. However, one idea that you can realize easily is a funny quiz – a shoe game. During this game, guests answer some questions to learn whether they know newlyweds well enough. Shoe game questions should be prepared in advance.

  1. Take care about rings.

Don’t forget about wedding rings; no ring – no brings.

  1. Think over decorations.

It is also necessary to decorate the place of your wedding ceremony and further celebration - another vital point for you to remember!

  1. Hire the best photographer or videographer.

Photos or videos will become the best evidence of this happy day for the future. Try to choose the best photographer or videographer for this event, but do this long in advance – good professionals have tight schedules for months.

  1. Plan your honeymoon.

It is also necessary to take care about what you will do after the ceremony. So, your honeymoon destination is the last but not the least thing for you to plan.

Certainly, it is very difficult to organize everything by yourself because too many things need attention and thorough planning. Therefore, you can either plan everything by yourself or to turn to specialists – select the best option to make this day memorable for years to come!  


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